Winter to make up the five internal organs, often eat well!Each of these 10 yam recipes is worth trying

Yam is a two -purpose product of medicine and food, which has a long history.Its taste is sweet and flat, and the spleen, lungs, and kidney meridians are attributed to the spleen, lungs, and kidney meridians.

For example, "Materia Medica" said: "The yam is slightly sweet and light, and the sexuality is slightly astringent.

It can be seen that yam has a lot of benefits in the treatment of disease prevention or illness.

Yam health recipe


Yam Poria Cake

The amount of yam, Poria, etc., powder, 30 ~ 50g each time, add the appropriate amount of water.You can also use 100g each of raw yam and Poria, mix well, study together, put it in a large bowl, add an appropriate amount of water, soak it into a paste, add 800g flour to the hair noodles, knead, wait for the noodles, put the appropriate amountSteamed cakes or grilled cakes.It is used for the treatment of spleen and stomach dysfunction, lack of food, and fatigue, and fatigue.

02 Yam Yina Lotus seed porridge

Raw yam, coix seeds, lotus seed meat, coriander, etc., take a total of 20 ~ 50g, add an appropriate amount of porridge, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, and use the daily conditioning of spleen deficiency and diarrhea.

03 Yam Lotus Seed Ledder Soup

Thirty -g, 15g of lotus seeds, 10g of white lentils, decoction, can strengthen the spleen and kidney, thick intestines and stop diarrhea, suitable for chronic long diarrhea, malnutrition, and women’s leucorrhea are mostly spleen and dampness.

04 Yamoya dogwood mud

Take 250g of fresh yam, 10g of dogwood, wash the yam, peel the yam, smash it like mud, add dogwood, steam and add an appropriate amount of sugar, suitable for children’s uriners daily.

05 Yam Chicken Inside Gold Paste

12g of fried yam, 5g in the chicken gold, mixed together, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, the above is 1 day, add water to boil into a paste, and take 2 to 3 times to take it to raise the food accumulation of children.

06 yam astragalus juice

10 ~ 30g of raw yam, 10 ~ 30g of astragalus (frying). After cooking for half an hour, remove astragalus and eat yam and drink juice. It can be used for daily conditioning of patients with vitality and yin dwarf diabetes.

07 Yaman persimmon porridge

60g of raw yam, 60g raw coix seed, 24g of persimmon cream.On the three flavors, first pound the raw yam and the raw barrels into coarse residue, cook until it is rotten, and then chop the persimmon cream and melt into it.Suitable for spleen and lung deficiency deficiency of spleen and lung yin deficiency in the manifestation of less food and cough.

08 Yaman glutinous rice porridge

35g of fried yam, 50g of glutinous rice, a moderate amount of sugar.Cook the yam and glutinous rice into dilute porridge with a text, add an appropriate amount of sugar.It can healthy spleen and lungs, which is suitable for eating less burnout, fatigue, fatigue, and long cough of lung deficiency.

09 Yam red bean red dates cake

Fresh yam, red beans each 200g, 400g red dates, and 50g of white lentils.Cut the fresh yam into thin slices, cook the red beans into mud, and then chop red dates and fresh lentils, mix a total of cakes, and steam it for 15 ~ 20 minutes on the cage.It can strengthen the spleen and nourish qi and nourish blood, suitable for those who are fatigue, yellow muscles and thin faces, and recuperation after major diseases and chronic illnesses.

10 yam fruit cake

500g of raw yam, 150g of flour, walnut kernels, raisins and other kinds of nuts.Wash and peel the raw yam, steam it in the bowl, add flour, knead into a dough, put it in a porcelain plate, press it into a round cake -like, put fruit kernels on it, and then steam it for 20 minutes to eat it.It can strengthen the spleen and kidney for daily conditioning for spleen deficiency.

Yam, there are taboos

01 Do not eat constipation

Pay attention when taking yam.Those who are full or stagnation are used with caution, and those with real heat should be avoided.

Because the yam is hot, it is rich in starch, which is a temperature supplementing ingredients. Patients with constipation eat yam are tantamount to oil on fire.

02 Do not eat two cancers

The ingredients contained in yam can synthesize hormones in the human body, such as testicular hormones and estrogen.

Therefore, it is not suitable for patients with prostate and breast cancer.

03 It is best to peel and eat

Yam should be peeled to avoid abnormal taste such as hemp and thorns.The yam leather contains the plant alkali contained in saponin and mucus. Some people will cause allergies and itching after contact.

Therefore, you should avoid direct contact when dealing with yam. Wash your hands after peeling, or make it easier for peeling after cooking.

04 Don’t match it at will

Some common ingredients, such as carrots, cucumbers, pumpkin, bamboo shoots, etc. contain a large amount of vitamin C decomposition enzymes. If they eat with yam, it will break down the vitamin C in yam.

So do not eat these ingredients as much as possible with yam, otherwise it will have a certain impact on the absorption of nutrition.

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