With the second child, how should my mother tell Dabao?The words of this high emotional quotient are worth learning

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A netizen was very embarrassed recently. She was pregnant with a second child, but she didn’t know how to talk to her big treasure.She said that Dabao is more than 2 years old this year. She usually sticks to her mother, and she always loves to play with a small temper. She does not let her mother hold other people’s baby.If he knew that his mother had a baby now, he would definitely cry.

For the question of "How to say with Dabao" with a second child, many Baomao mothers will have difficulty, because the children are used to having only one child at home and have always enjoyed all the love of her mother.He compete for pet.

So, after having a second child, how can I tell Dabao to not hurt his feelings, and let him obediently accept Erbao?There is a high -emotional quotient mother and friend around me. Her words are worth learning. Let’s listen together:

"Baby, do you want to be a brave brother? Mom has a baby in his belly"

After knowing that she was pregnant with her second child, the mother I knew was deeply thoughtful and made the first communication with her Dabao.First of all, she asked Dabao’s opinion first and told her that there was a baby in her mother’s belly.Moreover, she added an adjective "brave" in front of her brother, which stirred up the baby’s pride first.

We know that at a certain age, children will be very eager to grow up and grow up, and can do some bold moves and freedom like an older child.Therefore, when Baoma asked the younger treasure: "Baby, do you want to be a brave brother?" Even if he had a little rejection in his heart, he would not be too obvious.Then, he will be curious about what the baby in his mother’s belly is like, should you "say hello"?

"Mom wants to buy you new clothes and new toys, but there are too many things, just have a baby to play the old one."

Of course, even if Dabao reluctantly accepted the fact that his mother was pregnant, he would still have emotions.Some specially excluded Dabao, who gave birth to a second child, and said to my mother directly "I don’t want my brother or sister."At this time, the mother needs to be "careful".

The high emotional quotient mother around me said: "Mom wants to buy you new clothes and new toys, but you have too many things, just have a baby to play the old one." After listening, her big treasure, DabaoThinking quickly, there are many times I want to buy toys, my mother refuses, and then associates my mother’s words, because my "too many things". If you can have a baby to play his old toys, then you will not be yourself.Is there a new one?As a result, her big treasure quickly accepted her mother’s second child, and she also asked her to "have a few more".

"He is your brother or sister, what are you preparing for him, please help your mother choose together"

Worried that Dabao was out of his way, the mother’s mother also achieved "reminding time" and let Dabao participate in buying things for Erbao.She often touched her belly and said to Dabao, "He is your brother or sister. What are you preparing for him, you can choose to help his mother choose together." Then, while her Dabao packed up the old toys for Erbao, she was obedient while she was obedient.I went shopping with my mother well and chose many new things for Erbao happily.

I have to say that my mother -in -law friend, the emotional intelligence is really high.She did not just coax Dabao as other treasure moms, and from speaking to doing things, she was stirred up the psychology of Dabao’s "big children", and deliberately let him participate in the activities of greeting the baby.In this way, Dabao was happy and obedient during her mother’s second child.


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