Women 8 months of pregnancy insist on punching for 1 hour per day, without stretch marks or swelling of their feet

On June 25th, Linyi, Shandong, a woman was practiced for 1 hour every day for 8 and a half months.

It is incredible. Do this kind of exercise in 8 and a half months of pregnancy is a fierce exercise. Will it not affect the fetus?What should I do if I have a premature birth?It is also pregnant, and someone sneezes will also have a miscarriage, which is really sad than people.

Before doing this exercise, she had consulted the doctor. The doctor said that appropriate exercise helps to live.At the same time, it is emphasized that pregnant women without exercise foundation should not try easily.

The pregnant woman is a Muay Thai coach, and her husband is also a boxer, so she is a boxing family.

From the video point of view, she and her husband are practicing boxing. Boxing, kicking, and knees are all difficult movements. Because of pregnancy, I have privileges and will not be beaten.

But for those who are pregnant for 8 and a half months, these actions are very dangerous.Netizens who watched the video were worried about pregnant women, and they should pay attention to safety.

I have adhered to this sport since I was pregnant. It seems that my baby and body have adapted to this exercise. During pregnancy, there is no pubic pain, swelling of hands and feet, and stretch marks. Everything is normal.

Pregnant women say that the situation of each family is different. Our family is a prenatal education, but for pregnant women who do not have a exercise foundation, don’t try it easily.

Someone joked, "As soon as the child is born, will he play the doctor of the birth of the doctor?", "Is this a martial arts owner?", "The child will give you a Thai boxing as soon as it is born."

Seeing the woman’s boxing as a prenatal education, thinking of the scene of my pregnancy at that time, my husband puts light music and read an excellent article to the baby in the stomach every day, listening to my ears cocoon, my husband said it was a prenatal education, and hoped that the baby was born after birth.I can read and have music cells, and I can only obey him.

When I was about to give birth, my husband accompanied me to take a walk downstairs every night, saying that it was good for helping to produce.

Each pregnant woman has different constitutions, different lifestyles, and different job nature. Don’t blindly follow the trend, choose your own suitable exercise to exercise in moderation.

Moderate exercise helps blood circulation in the body, increases the taste of pregnant women, and at the same time allows the problem of reducing edema in the later stages of pregnancy, which is conducive to production.

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