Women are pregnant for 3 months, drink drinks and beer every day. After giving birth to a daughter, they slap their own slap

At the age of 45, Wang Shufen suddenly suffered from mental illness. During the hospital treatment, he jumped down from the fifth floor of the hospital.Fortunately, Wang Shufen did not die because of this, but unfortunately, Wang Shufen’s waist and had many fractures on his legs. Since then, Wang Shufen has accompanied the bed.

When he was young, Wang Shufen was introduced by the matchmaker that he met his current husband Liu Dahai.Liu Dahai is loyal and honest, practical, and quickly captured Wang Shufen’s heart.Although Liu Dahai has several elder brothers, they have been settled at home, and there is no pressure at home.After Wang Shufen knew Liu Dahai’s family, the two got married for a few months.After the marriage, Wang Shufen has always lived with her in -laws, and the family gets along very well.

Three months later, Wang Shufen was pregnant, pregnant in October, and gave birth to a big fat boy. The family was very happy.The father -in -law and mother -in -law were very distressed by Wang Shufen and let Wang Shufen do anything. She asked her to bring a good child.In this way, Wang Shufen brought children at home. The father -in -law and mother -in -law were responsible for three meals a day, and her husband worked in the county to make money.Wang Shufen’s mother -in -law is relatively young and very capable. Every year, she will pick up tea on a regular basis to subsidize their homes.

Wang Shufen likes the family atmosphere very much. Because the child is still young, he never wants to find a job outside. The expenses at home basically rely on the husband.When the eldest son was three or four years old, the mother -in -law advised Wang Shufen to have a second child while young, and the body recovered quickly after giving birth.Soon, Wang Shufen was pregnant again. When Wang Shufen was pregnant for three or four months of pregnancy, in the summer, the weather was very hot, and Wang Shufen always found that his heart was hot and thirsty, so the beer in the family was constantly.Or drink beer. After drinking, Wang Shufen feels very comfortable.

After ten months, Wang Shufen gave birth to a daughter as expected and made up a good word. Wang Shufen also felt very lucky.However, when the younger daughter was three or four months old, Wang Shufen found a situation. Her daughter often liked to extend her tongue outside. Wang Shufen felt wrong. She took her daughter to the hospital for examination with her husband, but found that her daughter had cerebral palsy.Scared his legs soft.She asked nervously why her daughter had this disease. After analyzing her, she told her that there was a lot to do with her drinking drink and beer during pregnancy.Wang Shufen, who knows the truth, blame himself, slap his own slap, but the fact is already the same, and it can no longer be recovered.

Wang Shufen lived in guilt all day, and took her daughter to many hospitals for all aspects of treatment, which was very effective.Until the age of five, Wang Shufen’s daughter did not get any improvement, and Wang Shufen gradually accepted reality.Soon the child was at the age of school, and Wang Shufen did not want her daughter to be the same as other children, so she sent her five -year -old daughter to school for education.Many times, we will meet Wang Shufen’s daughter on the road. They are eight years old, and they are a lot taller, but when we do n’t speak, the tongue is always stretched out, which feels very strange.

Wang Shufen’s husband has a few brothers, and several people are very capable. They all open several stores in the county seat, and their lives have lived.Soon, the bungalows of their hometown were renovated as buildings. A few years later, they all bought commercial houses in the county seat.When Wang Shufen saw this situation, he gradually had a comparison psychology in his heart, asking her husband Liu Dahai to renovate a new house. Although Liu Dahai was more capable, it spent a lot of money in order to treat her daughter in the past few years.Excess money is renovated.Wang Shufen was so angry that he went to the father -in -law and asked them to help renovate the new house. My mother -in -law said: We are old, there is no life, and it is a problem to feed ourselves. How can there be a new house for you?He is your father -in -law, why can the elder brother live in a new house, and his family can only live in a bungalow.

After venting, Wang Shufen, who left the house, came to the park alone, sitting next to the river, hurting God alone. In the past, her experience flashed in her mind like a movie.Crying.After crying, Wang Shufen wiped his tears and returned home. After the dinner, Wang Shufen lay on the bed, and the tears began to fall down again, and after a while, he wet a pillow towel.Wang Shufen, who had no sleep all night, woke up the next day and looked dull, his eyes were empty, no matter how his husband called, he did not respond.

The anxious Liu Dahai took Wang Shufen to the hospital for treatment. The doctor conducted a series of inspections on Wang Shufen and found that Wang Shufen had mental illness. In this way, Wang Shufen transformed from an ordinary farmer’s image to a mental patient.Wang Shufen, who was healed by the hospital, was sometimes sober and confused. Wang Shufen, who was awake again, thought about his situation, and then thought about the situation at home, and thought about it. Only by death can the burden at home can be reduced. SoOn the fifth floor, he closed his eyes and jumped down from the fifth floor. Fortunately, when Wang Shufen fell, he was blocked by a tree before he saved his life.

Wang Shufen, who escaped in the dead, has crushed fractures on his waist and legs. After treatment, although Wang Shufen had saved his life, he could no longer stand up and could not walk. From then on, Wang Shufen and bed were accompanied by the bed.

Feeling: When Wang Shufen was young, he never planned for future life. Seeing that the lives of others were booming, he was jealous of madness, but she did not see the hard work behind others, but only saw the labor results of others.If she works hard as others, it is just about to buy a house.

When Wang Shufen was pregnant, she was very selfish. She only took care of the ice and beer in her heart. It was because of her unscrupulous that she increased the chance of her daughter to suffer from cerebral palsy.It hurts her daughter’s life.Therefore, when women are pregnant, they must do a good job of science, what can be eaten, what they can’t eat, and pay attention to what they should pay attention to, so as not to cause serious consequences.

When Wang Shufen thought of the misery at home, he did not actively find a way to remedy. Instead, he abandoned himself and thought about breaking himself.As everyone knows, it is his own behavior that makes family pressure grow in vain.If Wang Shufen did not choose to abandon himself, but faced with her husband and worked together, life would gradually improve.

No matter what difficulties, we can allow ourselves to have so lost, sad, or even abandoning ourselves for a while, but after we are sad, we must adjust our mentality in a timely manner and actively face difficulties.Only by dealing with the problem can the problem be solved. If it is blindly depressed, the problem will only become more and more serious.In the end, I hope that when facing difficulties, don’t be discouraged, don’t easily defeat, believe that we will only live better and better, come on.

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