Women broke the luteum in the middle of the night, and the doctor:

Recently, Xiao Wang’s wife woke up her husband in the middle of the night and said that the stomach had a bad stomach.Xiao Wang watched his wife’s face pale and sweaty, realizing that he was definitely not a simple stomach pain, and quickly took his wife to the Changsha Central Hospital for examination.The doctor asked Xiao Wang’s wife’s painful part, and found that she had experienced unclear consciousness, and blood pressure decreased heart rate.The emergency department quickly made the little king’s wife expand the liquid to correct the shock, and then asked the gynecological emergency consultation.

The doctor learned that the patient’s diet was not abnormal, and menstruation was normal.Knowing that the two sides had sex that night, the doctor suddenly became vigilant, and then contacted Xiao Wang that his wife consciously said that the pain in the lower abdomen should be related to the gynecological disease, so I decided to do a B -ultrasound to see what happened.

According to the current symptoms of Xiao Wang’s wife, gynecological emergencies such as ectopic pregnancy, ovarian tires, tumor rupture, or luteum rupture are not excluded.The B -ultrasound found that the right ovary increased from the left ovary, and it can be seen that the mixed echo block and a small pelvic effusion.

The postproof dome was pulled out of the dark red liquid, and the HCG was negative, proved that it was not ectopic pregnancy but a luteal rupture. The situation was critical. The gynecological laparoscopic surgery was urgently performed to clean the hematoma in the right ovary and kept the ovaries.

After the operation, Xiao Wang found the doctor and asked why the luteal rupture was still related to the same room?Doctors said that the most common cause of luteal rupture is sexual life. When the luteal gradually increased after ovulation, it increased from 7 to 8 to the peak of volume and function, and the diameter was generally 2 ~ 3 cm.However, if it continues or increases, it is very easy to break.When the same room or severe exercise and abdominal trauma, it will cause luteum rupture.However, as long as the treatment is timely, urgent hemostasis to prevent complications is still very good.

Will luteal cracking affect fertility?The doctor said that this does not have to worry too much, and the impact is almost small.Uvever rupture generally does not affect the physiological function of the ovaries. Therefore, in other parts such as uterus and fallopian tubes, there are no abnormalities, which can be pregnant normally.

The doctor reminded that it is best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination before preparing for pregnancy to ensure no other gynecological diseases.It is best to rest well after the luteal rupture, and prevent the occurrence of anemia due to excessive blood loss.Do not exercise violently and sex after discharge. Regular reviews are regularly carried out. Because luteal cysts are easily formed after the luteal rupture, a review may occur, and a review must be performed to ensure the ovarian state.If there is a maternity plan, it is recommended to consider pregnancy after 3 months after healing.

Correspondent Huang Fenghua

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