Women have taken ovulation drugs and miscarriage for one year.

Women in normal age -age period will only have once ovulation in one menstrual cycle, and only one egg will be excreted at one ovulation.The 28 -year -old Xi’an female star was pregnant again after an unexpected miscarriage.

The incidence of "intrauterine pregnancy" merged with "ectopic pregnancy" is only one -30,000th, which is very rare. It is even more terrible that the abdominal cavity bleeding caused by the abdominal cavity of the small stars.

In early October 2022, Xiaoxing was surprised to find that he was pregnant 41 days after menopause.Previously, in order to increase the surrogacy rate, Xiaoxing took ovulation -promoting drugs.After going to a nearby hospital for treatment, it is prompted to get pregnant early in the palace and pelvic effusion.The doctor told him to go home to observe, if you have discomfort at any time.

After returning home, Xiaoxing gradually had an early pregnancy reaction, nausea, stem, and greasy.I thought it would be better after this period of time, but I did not expect that the symptoms were getting worse.On the afternoon of October 26, Xiaoxing suddenly vomited and diarrhea, accompanied by lower abdominal pain. He thought he had broken his stomach and hurried to the hospital for obstetrics.

After further examination, the B -ultrasound reminds that the internal pregnancy, pelvic block, and mass effusion in the pelvic abdominal cavity, visible blood clots.Gastrointestinal surgeons are recommended to diagnose abdominal diagnosis after consultation.Unsurprisingly, blood was pulled out. Jiang Xiaomang, director of the gynecological department of Xi’an Daxing Hospital, took into account that Xiaoxing had taken ovulation -promoting drugs and suspected that she had to conceive at the same time outside the palace, and the ectopic pregnancy broke.Due to the critical situation, after fully communicating with Xiaoxing and his family members, the impact on the body at the same time on the outside of the palace and the consequences of the surgery may be comprehensively considered to choose to end the internal and external pregnancy in the palace at the same time.

At 6 pm that day, Xiaoxing was pushed to the hospital operating room.After an hour, the surgery ended smoothly. The entire surgery cleaned about 2300ml of abdominal blood. Xiaoxing was transferred to the ICU for further treatment due to excessive blood loss.On the second day, the little star was transferred back to the gynecological ward.5 days after surgery was successfully discharged from the hospital.

Director Jiang Xiaomang introduced that during natural conception, the compound pregnancy in the palace and the palace was very rare, with a probability of about one -30,000th, and it was easy to be ignored during the test.However, with the widespread application of auxiliary reproductive technology, the incidence of compound pregnancy has increased year by year.

Jiang Xiaomang said: "Most of the natural cycle is an egg, either internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy. Occasionally, when there are more than two natural ovulation or application of more than two reproductive techniques, it is likely that one reaches the palace and one reaches the palace. If you reach the palace. If you reach the palace.Compound pregnancy is not discovered in time, it is easy to cause ectopic pregnancy rupture and cause severe bleeding, and can also cause abortion in the palace. Therefore, early detection and early diagnosis are very important.Pregnant women do vaginal ultrasound examination at 6-7 weeks of pregnancy. Especially after embryo transplantation or ovulation promotes ovulation, the doctor needs to be informed in advance. "

Those with inflammation of fallopian tubes, such as pelvic inflammation, abnormalities of fallopian tubes, auxiliary reproductives, those who have received abortion surgery, and contraceptives are high -incidence.In addition, because the appendix is close to the fallopian tube, inflammation may spread to the fallopian tube. Women with appendicitis have also increased the chance of incidence of ectopic pregnancy.

Doctors remind that menopause, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, syncope and shock are typical symptoms that may occur in early ectopic pregnancy.If it is an ectopic pregnancy of abortion, the abdomen will have a hidden pain.If it is a rupture of ectopic pregnancy, tearing pain will occur.The specific situation varies from person to person. Some patients may have symptoms of abdominal pain in the early stage of menopause, and the symptoms of some patients are not typical.Therefore, we must pay attention to the early B -ultrasound inspections and regular monitoring and observation. Any discomfort occurs. It is necessary to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

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