Women often alert gynecological diseases for gynecological diseases!

1. Cold during menstruation or postpartum

Some girls do not pay attention during menstruation, like to drink cold things or accidentally get cold, they can easily suffer from rheumatism.A little woman accidentally cold after giving birth, being attacked by wind cold, can cause the spine to have long bones and cause back pain.Therefore, girls should pay attention to keep warm, eat less or not eat cold things.Make sure you cannot be cold.

2. Extraction of the uterus

Normal women’s uterus is forward, and once the uterus is in an abnormal position, such as backward flexion.At this time, the ligament that supports the uterus may be attracted by abnormal traction and compress the nerves.This will make people feel obvious back pain.Therefore, pay attention to check whether the uterus is abnormal during low back pain.

3. Urinary system infection

Women’s unique physiological structures make women vulnerable to infection.Women’s urethra is straight and short, and it is easy to have bacterial infections without notice.In addition, women have factors such as menstruation, and the chance of urethral pollution is greatly increased.Once the urinary system is ill, it is likely to cause discomfort in the waist pain.

4. Pelvic tumor

If women suffer from pelvic tumors, such as uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian tumors, there will be a feeling of low back pain. When the tumor grows to a certain degree, the pain will increase significantly with significantly.At this time, the tumor has been compressed to the waist nerve, and the doctor must consult whether the doctor performs the corresponding tumor resection.

5. Pregnancy

Some women may feel such a feeling. When you are pregnant, you will obviously feel that the waist is easily sore, and you may mistakenly think that this is the waist disease.In fact, when women are pregnant, as the fetus grows, the strength of waist support will gradually increase.At this time, the expansion of the uterine cavity will also cause a certain pressure, leading to low back pain.

Sometimes we cannot simply determine the body’s problems based on a strange feeling of the body.For example, low back pain, a simple back pain may be caused by gynecological diseases.Therefore, when there are related problems in the body, you must seek medical treatment in time to conduct a comprehensive investigation, and consult the doctor for the right medicine to achieve better treatment effects.

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