Women should eat more brown sugar and red dates to make up for "qi and blood", and eat less seafood mushroom fungus?#woman…

Women should eat more brown sugar and red dates, and eat less seafood mushroom fungus?

Women should eat more brown sugar and red dates, eat less seafood and shiitake fungus, does it make sense?Hello everyone, I am Enchen, a obstetrician and gynecologist.Our women’s menstrual bleeding every month, and many people eat less food, are prone to anemia.According to folk rumors, eating more brown sugar and red dates can make up for "qi and blood".The saying of qi and blood is not easy to figure out, it may be a collection of problems such as malnutrition, anemia, hypoglycemia and other issues. You may be manifested as weakness and dizziness. The more reasonable way is to balance eating and eating meat and meat.Meat, milk drinks milk, and then keep regular exercise in a medium -sized exercise. The work and rest must be regular.

If you recommend that girls eat red sugar water to eat red dates to nourish qi and blood.Why not eat men?Is this food divided into men and women?How should I make up for anemia?We know.

· The more severe anemia, you can eat some iron.You can eat more foods with more iron, and the effects are better, such as red meat, such as beef and sheep pork, animal blood, internal organs, etc.

· There are also some aquatic products. When it comes to seafood, some people say that women are "yin". To eat less seafood, at present, no seafood is only suitable for men to eat and not suitable for women.Even if marine pollution is caused, some seafood may accumulate heavy metals and other substances, which affects our health, which is an indifferent effect and has nothing to do with gender.

Some people say that eating more mushrooms and fungus will affect the smell of women’s private parts. Where is this?The smell of private parts is mainly related to vaginal flora, exercise sweating, etc., and has nothing to do with these edible fungi.Human mouth and vagina are incompatible. The mouths of their mouths are digested and absorbed into a portion of the residue, and they are finally excreted through the anus.Unless it is not cleaned after stool, it will not affect the smell of private parts.

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