Women will encounter those pain during pregnancy, only women can understand

The baby grows and develops in the uterus of the pregnant mother every day, and the body of the pregnant mother will follow some pain. Most of the pregnant mothers may choose to bear it. However, we still have a better response method to help us help usPregnant mothers spend their pregnancy more calmly.

1. Breast pain:

After pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone rise, and the breasts are stimulated by these hormones, which will gradually change, and it is also prepared for future milk secretion.In the early pregnancy, the most obvious thing for pregnant mothers can feel that the breast bloating, becoming very sensitive, easy to tender, and so on.It is very similar, but the pain will be more intense, and even walking will feel the heavy feeling of the breast.Generally, the body of pregnant mothers will gradually adapt to hormone changes after pregnancy.

Copy tricks:

Hot compress+massage: Use warm small towels to apply breasts to appropriately alleviate breast discomfort. If you want to try massage, clean the breasts before massage, apply it to moisturize, then gently rub, rub, squeeze, press and pressWhen it relieves pain, because the breasts are prone to abortion in early pregnancy, when massaging the breast, the method should be gentle. If consciously discomfort, stop immediately, it is also recommended to start in the middle of pregnancy.

Wear a loose bra: the first choice of a bra with suitable looseness and cotton material to avoid using steel rings, try not to wear bras at home, and choose loose underwear.

Choose the side lying position: The supine position is easy to make the blood circulation of the breasts poorly, and the breast discomfort is more heavier. Therefore, the pregnant mother is best to adopt a sideline sleeping position.

2. Pain and numb finger:

In the middle and late pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will have paroxysmal pain, numbness, and even burning sensation of fingers. This may be because the pregnant mothers have water and sodium in the body.During pregnancy, the wrist tendon tendon and connective tissue changes, the wriste tunnels are narrowing, the nerves are compressed, causing numbness and pain.

Copy tricks:

Brake: Pregnant mothers avoid hand activity as much as possible. Although it is not that the activity is more caused by finger pain and numbness syndrome, etc., the frequent activities will increase such symptoms.

Night care: Usually this tingling feeling is relatively obvious at night. If the pain of the fingers affects sleep, you can try to make a fist-relaxing movement until the pain and numbness are relieved.A small pillow under the affected hand.

Light diet: Properly reduce the intake of sodium, avoid eating salted food and appropriate food.

3. Stomach burning pain:

The gradual increase of the uterus will increase the pressure of the gastrointestinal and intestines of the pregnant mother. In addition, hormones will also relax the esophagus and gastric muscles, and the gastric acid is easy to surge upwards, resulting in a burning sensation in the stomach, especially the pregnant mother is coughing, defecation, eating hard, eating, eatingWhen you are full, increase the intra -abdominal pressure, and it is more likely to have a burning sensation in the stomach.

Copy tricks:

Eat less meals with less: eat less meals and chew slowly. It is to avoid eating too much for pregnant mothers. In addition, in order not to increase the intra -abdomen pressure, pregnant mothers should wear loose clothes to avoid tight clothes tightly tightly tightened.abdomen.

Light diet: high fat, heavy taste, spicy, fried food will increase the burden on the stomach, causing stomach discomfort, so pregnant mothers avoid eating.

Take a walk after a meal: Pregnant mothers just take a walk as much as possible to avoid bending down and lying immediately. Appropriate activities can promote digestion and slow stomach discomfort.

Adjust your sleeping position: Do not eat before going to bed. When you sleep, you can raise your upper body on your head and upper body cushion to reduce gastric acid back flow.

4. Back pain:

After pregnancy, with the increase of the uterus, the physical center of gravity of the pregnant mother, the waist and back muscles have long been stretched for a long time, it is prone to fatigue, pain, and the relaxation of the ligament, so nearly half of the pregnant mothers will have the back of the waist back.pain.

Copy tricks:

Avoid improper posture: The entire pregnant mother, the pregnant mother should not grow too much, avoid standing for a long time, sedentary, avoid bending down, twisting waist, moving at noon, avoid wearing high heels, and sleeping mattresses should not be too soft.

Massage: The pregnant mother lay on the back of the chair or lie on the side, so that the husband can help massage the back muscles, especially the waist, or use hot towels to compress it, can alleviate the effect.

Pre -delivery exercise: On the basis of being able to bear, pregnant mothers can also perform some simple stretching exercises, which can also help reduce waist and back pain.

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