Women’s headache and vomiting for three months, one checked is big … Doctors: Pay attention to such people

On the first day of the long vacation on October 1st, Ms. Li (pseudonym), 33, went to a certain triple hospital for severe headache and frequent vomiting. MRI found huge intracranial tumors, and to seek further treatment to the Southern Medical University Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital.

Professor Chen Lukan, the neurosurgery center and director of neurosurgery at the hospital, asked in detail the medical history. Combined with imaging examination, the diagnosis of the right butterfly bone-sponge sinus region huge tumor, the diameter was close to 6 cm, compressed the brain stems and acute obstructive brain appeared in the brainWater.On October 2nd, Chen Lukan’s team performed craniotomy for Miss Li. After the surgery was successfully completed, Miss Li returned well.

Headache and vomiting for three months

I thought it was postpartum anxiety

Miss Li has always felt headache in the past three months and vomits many times.She originally thought that she had suffered from postpartum anxiety and had visited the psychiatry many times, but the treatment effect was not good, so she went to neurosurgery for examination.

According to Ms. Li’s symptoms and imaging materials, Chen Lukan was preliminary judgment was the giant meningoma of the right butterfly bone-sponge sinus region.Due to the huge tumor, Miss Li has already experienced obvious skull high -pressure manifestations. The midline moves to the left, the brain stem is compressed, and the acute obstructive cerebral hydrocephalus may occur at any time.In addition, tumor blood supply is abundant, growing rapidly in the short term, and there is a possibility of bleeding (tumor stroke) in tumor. Once tumor stroke occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable!Chen Lukong suggested surgery as soon as possible.

Considering the high risk of surgery and difficulty, on the evening of October 1st, Chen Luyu summoned the neurosurgery team to fully discuss and formulate surgical plans to do a good job of postoperative complications.Essence

On October 2, the operation was finally completed.After the operation, Miss Li was completely awake, the language was clear, the limbs were normal, and the skull high -pressure performance completely disappeared. It is currently being treated with rehabilitation.

There is a headache and dizziness that appears unknown,

Be sure to see the doctor in time

Chen Lukan said: "The meningioma is better in the middle -aged and elderly people, and Miss Li suffers from such a large tumor in the age of 30. It may be abnormal with her pregnancy, childbirth, and lactating hormone secretion, resulting in increasing tumor growthIt is related. For patients with obvious positioning effects and increased acute intracranial pressure, surgical resection should be performed early to avoid adverse consequences. This is the first choice for the treatment of meningoma. "

According to reports, more than 90%of the meningoma is benign (WHO Ⅰ).Cerebral membrane tumor is a central nervous system tumor that originated in athlete -caps -like cells that originated from the meningus. Slowly grow, long course, and can be derived from any part of the skull. The clinical manifestations are dizziness, headache, vomiting and other symptoms of increased intracranial pressure.Accompanied by local symptoms of nervous systems such as physical exercise, sensation, language expression, mental activity, and visual hearing.

Experts remind that if an unknown headache and dizziness occurs, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment in time and conduct CT examinations to eliminate intracranial lesions to avoid worsening and delay the best treatment time.In addition, women should pay attention to tumor screening before pregnancy.

Text/Guangzhou Daily · Xinhua City Reporter: Zhou Jieying Correspondent: Yuan Huaotao, Zhang Chengbin, Zhu Qinwen

Source: Guangzhou Daily

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