Women’s large -scale cerebral infarction after massage!What parts cannot be pressed?Who can’t press?Expert answer

Zhang Liping, 36, is usually busy with work and his body has not been very good.Recently, she heard that massage can relieve physical fatigue, and she found a massage shop for whole body massage.

At the beginning, Zhang Li felt that the massage was very comfortable, her body gradually relaxed, and she didn’t feel uncomfortable.But halfway through the massage, the masseur began to massage her neck and head hard. Zhang Li felt that her head was very uncomfortable and a little dizzy.After the massage, Zhang Li felt very tired, but she didn’t care, and felt that it was a normal response.

A few hours later, Zhang Li began to feel serious headaches and nausea, and at the same time, facial and body convulsions appeared.Her family quickly sent her to a local hospital. After inspection, she found that she had a large area of cerebral infarction and needed emergency surgery.

After surgery, Zhang Li’s life was kept, but her body had been severely damaged.The doctor told her that the occurrence of cerebral infarction was related to the excessive massage of the neck and head during the massage process, and the masseur did not correctly grasp the massage strength and skills, which led to physical damage.

1. Safety problem of massage

Skin injury and infection

Massage can increase the risk of skin damage, especially using too much pressure and friction during massage.Long -term massage may even cause skin rupture, bleeding and infection.In addition, if the massage appliances used are not disinfected, bacterial or virus infections may be caused.


Before massage, you need to ensure that the skin has no obvious damage to reduce the risk of potential infection.Massage equipment should be disinfected regularly, especially in the case of multiple people.

Muscle and ligament damage

Too much pressure and friction during massage may cause muscle and ligament damage, especially when you are not fully preparing for your body or using error techniques.


Before massage, appropriate warm -up exercises are needed to prepare for the body.Choose a masseuse with professional training to ensure that the massage skills are correct.

Vascular injury

Massage may cause blood vessel damage, especially when massage in areas with less muscles.Vascular injury can lead to bleeding and thrombosis, which further affects blood circulation.


Before massage, you need to understand the physical condition and any potential health problems, especially cardiovascular disease.For people with a history of cardiovascular disease, you should choose mild massage skills and gently massage strength.

Pregnancy risk

Women during pregnancy need to pay special attention to the safety of massage.Excessive massage may cause risks such as uterine contraction, premature or abortion.


Women during pregnancy should avoid massage three months before pregnancy, because this period is a critical period for fetal organs.Before gestational massage, you need to consult a professional doctor and choose a masseur who has been trained.

2. Which parts cannot be massaged?

Head and neck

The head and neck are one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body.The wrong massage skills may cause serious problems such as cervical spine injury, cerebral vibration and nerve injury.

Abdomen and lower abdomen

The abdomen and lower abdomen are the location of the human internal organs. During massage, unnecessary pressure and stimulation of the organs can be caused.In addition, massage abdomen may also cause problems such as indigestion, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Joint and bone

Joint and bones are an important structure of the human body. The wrong massage skills may cause serious problems such as joint dislocation, fracture and soft tissue damage.

Sensitive skin area

Skin -sensitive areas include faces, necks, nipples and genitals.Massage these areas may cause problems such as rupture of the skin, bleeding and infection.

Spine and tailbone

Spinal and tailbone is the core of the body. The wrong massage skills may cause problems such as spinal injury, nerve injury, and low back pain.

Why are these parts not suitable for massage?Because the structure of these parts is relatively fragile, it is easy to be damaged, and these parts are more sensitive and require more detailed and professional skills.In addition, these parts also involve important tissues such as the human internal organs and nerves. It is easy to cause unnecessary pressure and stimuli during massage, which leads to physical discomfort and pain.

Third, who can’t massage?

Patients with severe cardiovascular disease

The body of patients with cardiovascular disease is relatively fragile, and problems such as vascular injury and increased heart burden during massage.In addition, massage may cause adverse reactions such as arrhythmia and angina pectoris.

Patients with liver and kidney dysfunction

Patients with liver and kidney dysfunction have poor metabolism and excretion ability. Massage may increase the burden on liver and kidney, leading to further damage to liver and kidney function.

cancer patient

The body of cancer patients is weak, and massage may increase the burden on the body, leading to physical fatigue and discomfort.

Those with damage to the skin

People with damage to the skin, including broken skin, scars, and lesions, massage can easily lead to problems such as rupture, infection and bleeding.

4. Matters that need attention before massage

Health status

Before massage, you need to understand your physical condition and health, especially for people with chronic medical history.If you have any physical discomfort or pain, you should consult a doctor first and receive treatment.


A large amount of eating and drinking should be avoided before massage.A large amount of eating may lead to physical discomfort and indigestion, and drinking may affect the body’s response and judgment.

Massage environment

The massage environment needs to be kept clean and quiet to ensure the effect and comfort of the massage.If the massage environment is too noisy or messy, it may affect the effect of relaxation and massage.


It is very important to choose a professional training masseur. Professional masseuses can not only provide correct massage skills and methods, but also better understand the physical condition and needs.


The massage intensity should be appropriately adjusted according to the physical condition and needs.Excessive massage intensity may have a adverse effect on the body, and the mild massage strength can bring better results.

Massage is a very effective physical health and treatment method, but safety issues also need to attract our attention.Only on the premise of ensuring massage safety can we enjoy the health and comfort brought by massage.

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