Women’s secretions become more, not necessarily strong demand!Do you know these 5 incentives?


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Women’s pussy has many important parts. Female friends need to protect their private parts well, otherwise it is easy to cause uterus cold and vaginal damage. At this time, it is easy to have irregular menstruation and abnormal secretions.Women’s secretions generally refer to vaginal discharge, which is leucorrhea.

Normal leucorrhea is colorless and tasteless. It is like an egg white. Sometimes women will increase the increase in secretions. Many people do not know what this is.But some people think that the increase in secretions is because of strong demand. Is this really reasonable?It is recommended to learn about these reasons!

Generally speaking, women’s leucorrhea will increase significantly before sexual behavior.Some women can find that their underwear is always wet, so they think that their "sexual desire" is too strong, so that they are unclear.

So, is too much leucorrhea caused by too much sexual desire?Theoretically, the amount of vaginal secretions is indeed related to factors such as sexual desire, sex hormone level, and degree of evolution.

The increase in leucorrhea during sexual life can help lubricate the vagina and relieve the pain and other discomfort caused by the penile friction vagina.In addition, due to the changes in hormone levels in the body during menstruation or pregnancy, there may be increased leucorrhea.

Therefore, more or less leucorrhea does not represent the strength of the machine. If the leucorrhea is abnormally increased and accompanied by odor or blood wire, it may also be a disease of a female reproductive system.It is recommended to go to the hospital in time to do a good job in the relevant cause.

1. Menstruation or ovulation period

Before menstruation, due to the vigorous secretion of endometrium gland, the above symptoms occur, but the nature will not change.During the ovulation period, due to the favorable sperm through the cervix, some secretions in the cervical bureau will be diluted under the action of estrogen, resulting in more egg white -like secretions in the vagina.It is recommended to keep the vulva clean without special treatment.

2. Gynecological tumor

When cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, vaginal cancer and other tumor diseases, leucorrhea will also increase.Affected by cancer cells, slurry leucorrhea, mucus leucorrhea, rice soup -like leucorrhea, blood leucorrhea, etc. may occur, and have special odors.

Common methods include surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and targeted therapy and immunotherapy can also be used for advanced patients with system organs transfer.

3. vaginitis

The main characteristics of vaginitis are the increase in leucorrhea, which is caused by factors such as hormone disorders, frequent sexual life, and poor sexual hygiene in patients.When patients have pain, they can take drugs under the guidance of a doctor for treatment, such as metronidazole tablets, levofloxide tablets, and so on.

4. The emergence of gynecological diseases

For women who keep healthy in the body, the secretions in the private parts will not increase sharply significantly. If this happens, it may be a signal of the disease.Many types of gynecological diseases will lead to an increase in private secretions in women in the process of onset, especially cervical cancer that everyone is familiar with.

When cervical cancer occurs, vaginal bleeding and leucorrhea will occur. At this time, women’s vaginal secretions will increase significantly, and even special smells and some color changes will produce.

5. Endocrine disorders

If female friends have a long -term mental stress, it is easy to cause nervous system disorders. Over time, it will lead to endocrine disorders and increase leucorrhea.

In daily life, female friends must control their emotions.Maintaining a good mood can improve endocrine disorders well, so that there will be no leucorrhea symptoms.

1. Enhance immunity

Female friends must do some physical exercise often, which helps enhance physical fitness, thereby helping to enhance disease resistance.In addition, you must ensure sufficient rest time to avoid staying up late for a long time. This will also help improve immunity. You can eat more vitamin -rich foods in your diet.

2. Wear loose and breathable cotton panties

Women’s private parts need to be breathable.If you wear non -breathable underwear for a long time, it is likely to increase the chance of bacterial reproduction, resulting in gynecological diseases and increased leucorrhea.Therefore, women should wear loose and breathable cotton underwear to avoid gynecological inflammation.

3. Time treatment is the key

There are many leucorrhea phenomena. If you are not sure what causes the increase in leucorrhea, you must go to the hospital for detailed examination.If there is still a odor, it is likely to have gynecological diseases. It must be treated in time to better alleviate the symptoms of leucorrhea and better treat the phenomenon of leucorrhea.

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