Women’s susceptible hemorrhoids during pregnancy is critical

Red Net Moment April 21st (Correspondent Shu Li) Pregnancy is a very joyful thing. The expectations of new lives so that expectant mothers can bear the hard work of October.Ms. Yi, the prospective mother of Changsha for 7 months, has sufficient nutrition during pregnancy, and there is no great pregnancy response. Each checkup is also very good. The family is full of expectations for the child.

However, Ms. Yi recently has a small trouble. As the belly gets bigger and bigger, her body is not very good. She often has constipation first, and a meat bumps have grown at the anus.The family said that it was hemorrhoids. She was worried that there would be any bad impact on the baby. The obstetrician and gynecologist suggested that she can go to anorectal.So with her husband, she came to the female outpatient clinic at Changsha Dongda Anorectal Hospital for help.

The female anorectist Zhang Shuhong was observed. After detailed inquiries and examinations, Ms. Yi was because she had hemorrhoids.Zhang Shuhong said that hemorrhoids are common anorectal diseases, especially women during pregnancy, which is easy to obtain hemorrhoids.Fortunately, Ms. Yi’s hemorrhoids are not very serious. Considering that it is during pregnancy, it is not suitable for drug treatment. You can use warm water to take a bath. At the same time, pay attention to diet, and then exercise appropriately to relieve symptoms.If the symptoms are not eased after conditioning, the baby will be considered after the baby is born.

So why are pregnant women prone to hemorrhoids?Zhang Shuhong pointed out that the main reasons are the following aspects.

1. Pregnant women can’t sit still for a long time, the body’s blood circulation is insufficient, the blood flow in the pelvic cavity is too slow, and the viscera of the abdominal cavity is congested, causing venous plump and bulging, reducing the intravenous wall tension.

2. The bowel movement caused by insufficient exercise, the stool stayed in the body for too long, and the water was absorbed, which caused the stool to dry, the stool squeezed the vein and caused the blood to flow.

3. The fetus continues to grow, and the uterus is swollen, which causes pressure on the cavity vein, hinders the blood flow of the blood in the pelvic cavity, and the blood stasis of the periart veins.

4. Endocrine hormone effect during pregnancy, expand the pelvic blood vessel rectal, and form hemorrhoids.

5. Increasing abdominal pressure during childbirth will also cause the anal local hemorrhoidal vein to flow back, which will cause severe hemorrhoidal vein damage.

Changsha Dongda Anorectal Hospital reminds that women are prone to constipation and difficulty in defecation due to reduced exercise and dietary changes after pregnancy.Therefore, women should pay attention to eating more vegetables and fruits during pregnancy, avoid sedentary and squats for a long time, and exercise appropriately to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

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