Women’s uterine endometrium is thin?Doctor: Below this value, you should pay attention to

The uterus is the cradle of women’s new life, and a healthy uterus is a necessary condition for successful pregnancy.However, in reality, many women fail after a long period of pregnancy. When they go to the hospital for examination, they will be informed by the doctor that the endometrium is too thin.

Women’s endometrium is like the "soil" of fertilized eggs. The endometrium is too thin. The "soil" is too barren, which will naturally affect pregnancy.So, what is the standard of uterine endometrium?

The thickness of the endometrium is not static. The endometrium in the menstrual period is the thinnest, while the secretion period is the thickest, which can reach 8 to 14 mm. The endometrium of the uterine endometrium during this period is thick and soft.It is conducive to implantation of fertilized eggs.

However, if the thickness of the endometrium of a woman is less than 7 mm, it can be considered as too thin that the endometrium is too thin and should be paid attention.

Women with too thin uterine endometrium are difficult to get pregnant. In addition, the chance of natural abortion and ectopic pregnancy is greater than other women, which is undoubtedly a huge blow for women.

So, what are the causes of the endometrium?

1. Age factor

Age is a major factor affecting the thickness of the endometrium. Some studies have shown that the older the age of women, the thinner the endometrium will be.Therefore, the chance of successful pregnancy in elderly women is significantly smaller. If there is a plan for fertility, you must grasp the best time.

2. Repeated abortion

Repeated flow of abortion is also a huge harm to the endometrium, which can cause problems such as uterine cavity adhesion and thin uterine endometrium in severe cases.Surveys have shown that artificial abortion can lead to a 20 -fold risk of endometrial endometrium.

3. Drug impact

Many women are taken oral contraceptives for a long time for contraception, and such women may also have a problem of endometrial endometrium.Studies have found that some contraceptives have been taken for more than 5 years, and the thickness of the endometrium can be reduced by about 4 mm.

The infertility caused by thin endometrium is very tricky and is often difficult to cure. Therefore, women should do the following in life to prevent this phenomenon:

1. Early treatment of gynecological inflammation

Once you have a gynecological inflammation, treatment should be performed early to prevent inflammatory uplifting infections and affect uterine health.Women who have thin uterine endometrium are more likely to occur in women with insufficient estrogen, weak health, and multiple abortion. If you also belong to the above -mentioned crowd, you must pay attention.

2. Take contraceptive measures

If women do not have a fertility plan in the near future, they must do contraception in the process of sex to prevent accidental pregnancy.It is not recommended to take contraceptives for a long time, and you can choose other methods such as condoms and other methods.

3. Disordinate menstruation should be treated in time

Many women have thin endometrium and do not know. This is because conventional gynecological medical examinations are difficult to find this phenomenon. Clinically, the thickness of the endometrium is judged by the yin super examination.Therefore, if women have too little menstrual flow in life, they should go to the hospital for examination in time.

All in all, if the thickness of the endometrium of women’s uterine is less than 7 mm, it means that the endometrium is too thin, and this situation can largely affect normal pregnancy, and increase the chance of natural abortion and ectopic pregnancy.

The endometrium is thin, which is related to factors such as age, artificial abortion, and contraceptives. It is recommended that women should take contraceptive measures in their lives to actively treat gynecological diseases and protect endometrium.

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