Xian Suyuan lives in the rich area of Vietnam. A pound of grapes cost 231 yuan. Chen Hua: The price is high.

What kind of experience is Ho Chi Minh City, a wealthy area living in Vietnam?

Chen Hua and Xian Suyuan can tell us this answer.

I thought Xian Suyuan moved to Vietnam because the price of South Korea was too high.Qiu Xuanxuan especially wanted to eat strawberries when she was pregnant, but she could only eat it. A pound of strawberries cost 80 yuan.

I thought the price of fruits in South Korea was the highest. I did not expect that the fruits in Vietnam were more expensive.

Xian Suyuan and Chen Hua strolled downstairs at home. They are currently living in the rich area of Vietnam. A pound of grapes cost 231 yuan, a pound of beef tendon costs 341 yuan, and a broccoli flower costs 19 yuan.

Even a bag of cheap oil in their eyes cost 10 yuan, which is really higher than our price.

This price is really broken below glasses.In our country, a broccoli flower is up to five or six yuan, which is more than ten yuan more expensive than us.

Where can ordinary people consume such a high price?

So what kind of price is it to eat a bowl of powder in a restaurant in Vietnam?Chen Hua and Xian Suyuan went to the river noodle shop for lunch. He ordered a bowl of river powder for 40 yuan, and there were only a few slices of beef and a few river powder.

Chen Hua sighed: The price is too high, and I can’t eat enough at all.

After eating a bowl of 40 yuan in a bowl of 40 yuan, he felt that he didn’t feel full.The family of three spent 97 yuan in the river powder shop, and still couldn’t eat.

The price is so high, why did Xian Suyuan choose to come to Yuenan?

In fact, we look at their income too much.Xian Suyuan and Chen Hua are not as poor as everyone thinks, and their income is much higher than we think.

Not to mention that Xian Suyuan has 5 houses for rent in South Korea’s name. The money she has made these years is enough to make her realize the freedom of wealth.

Chen Hua is also in the rising period of career.

It turned out that Chen Hua currently settled the factory to Vietnam, and he still opened his own clothing factory.The entire factory looks tall, and it is a big factory at first glance.We all misunderstood Chen Hua. He did not eat soft rice, but had his own career.

Chen Hua, 30, also stood in thirty. Not only has his own career, but he is very fulfilling every day. He gets up early on an empty stomach to drink ice American style, then learn English and Japanese, and read books.Chen Hua really drank cold drinks on an empty stomach with the custom.

Chen Hua’s work trip was very busy. He studied in the morning and went to the factory to see customers in the afternoon. He had to entertain at night and exercise fitness before going to bed.

This is Chen Hua’s daily life in Vietnam.He likes living here very much, even if the price is high, the two of them can still afford it.

Suddenly understanding why Chen Huawei marries her 18 -year -old actress Xian Suyuan as his wife.After being with Xian Suyuan, Chen Hua did become better and self -disciplined.

Xian Suyuan will urge him to make progress and progress.

30 -year -old Chen Hua, in addition to his own factory, and his own live broadcast career.These are his income. He is also actively improving his business ability and striving to learn various languages.

Life is to continue to learn and progress.

Choosing a good partner is not absolute, the key is the consistency of the three views and the interoperability of the spiritual level.

Life partners are really important. Good partners will achieve you, nourish each other to grow and grow, so that each other can become better people.

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