Xiangsheng Class: What is the normal value of progesterone and HCG?

The most feared in the early pregnancy is a threatened abortion, and the two data that cannot be separated from the aura abortion is progesterone and HCG.From the beginning of pregnancy, everyone has been exposed to progesterone and HCG. What are they? What role should be familiar, but after pregnancy, especially the aura abortion, many people are confused.


Mogoone is also known as progesterone. English abbreviations are "P", as well as luteal hormones, anechetic hormone, anechetamin or anechetone, etc. It is a feminine menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and other others.Animal embryo has an influential steroid, which is produced in early pregnancy.

During pregnancy, progesterone is an important hormone that supports early growth and development of the fetus. High concentrations of elegance have a significant sedative effect on increasing uterus, and support for early pregnancy is also very important.

If women lack the lack of progesterone and cause luteal dysfunction, it will lead to luteal bleeding, bed disorders with bedding, female infertility or abortion.Therefore, for women who want to get pregnant, they must be checked before pregnancy so that they can prepare their bodies in a timely manner for pregnancy; and women who have confirmed that pregnancy have been confirmed to cause abortion if the body is too low in the body, so pregnancy will be pregnant, so pregnancy, so pregnancy, so pregnancy, so pregnancy, so pregnancy, so pregnancy, so pregnancy, so pregnancy, so pregnancy, so pregnancy, so pregnantIf you want to protect your fetus in the early days, you must pay attention to the condition of progesterone in time so that you can remedy in time.

Changes in progesterone

Before pregnancy, the amount of progesterone changes with the changes in the menstrual cycle

The follicle period (on the first day of menstruation to ovulation day), the progesterone value is very low.

After ovulation, ovarian luteal will produce a large amount of progesterone, rising rapidly, and will last about 10-14 days.

If you are not pregnant, it will suddenly decrease, and it will fall back to the level of the follicle period 4 days before menstruation.

If you are pregnant

The concentration of progesterone will be maintained at 60 nanol/liters, or 20 nake/micro -rising;

Serum progesterone level increased stable with increased pregnancy

When to check progesterone

It is recommended to perform progesterone examinations in the early three months of pregnancy to find possible problems in time.For women with abortion experience or irregular menstruation, progesterone should be checked as soon as possible.

The result of progesterone is because the individuals are very different. Do not blindly compare it.


HCG is also known as human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a sugar protein secreted by the nourishing layer cells of the placenta.On the 6th day after fertilization, the fertilized egg nourishment layer formed and secreted a trace HCG. When the fertilization was 7-8 days, the HCG could be detected in the blood after the fertilized egg was imposed.By the peak period of 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, it fell quickly to 10% of the peak after 1-2 weeks.

The basis for successful fetal protection

If the value of the HCG continues to decline, it means that it is not suitable for continuing to keep the fetus, and you must consider whether you should stop your pregnancy; if HCG continues to rise, it means that the fetus is successful.If early pregnancy women’s blood HCG is significantly low (below 2500IU/L) or continuous monitoring is a downward trend, there is a possibility of miscarriage or death.

Generally, at the 9th week of pregnancy, the normal value of HCG is 10000 ~ 1000000LU | L. This value is also the highest period, and it will slowly decrease in 12 weeks.Therefore, whether it is a woman who is preparing for pregnancy or a pregnant mother, not only knows the neutrality of HCG, but also the normal value corresponding to HCG during pregnancy.

HCG and progesterone collaborate protective fetal lack of one

HCG — Let the embryos get the nutrients into the initial mother and embryo interactive nutrients, and metabolic waste.

Wells of progesterone -ensuring the safety of the embryo will ensure that the internal environment of the uterus is stable, as much as possible to protect the embryo without being disturbed by external force.

Therefore, HCG and progesterone are indispensable for maintaining pregnancy. The synergistic effect of HCG and progesterone, on the one hand, allows the embryo to obtain nutrients, on the one hand, it also ensures the safety of the embryo.

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