Xiao San was pregnant and came to me to negotiate, forcing me to divorce!

The picture comes from the Internet

On the day when her husband was wrong, a girl asked me to meet.

She was swollen, crying with pear blossoms, and said that she was pregnant, hoping that I would give her husband to her.

I only asked: "You can only reflect your personal value through giving birth to a child?"


It turns out that women are Holmes in love.

You can understand a slight difference.

But what this understanding will bring is unknown.

I realized that there was a problem with Song Yuan. In the sixth year of marriage, he made an appointment with me for a lifetime, and suddenly began to pay attention to children’s toys.

When I saw the mother and baby shop when I was shopping, his eyes could not help but softened.

He said that seeing the sweet smile of the child feels like the heart is, and then saying that although that, he still does not want children.

Because I am the most important.

I laughed and didn’t return to him.

I don’t want children because the body is inappropriate.

Before he confessed, I told him truthfully that he was firmly in love with me into the marriage hall.

I don’t know exactly what Ai Ai’s tone is to say this period, but this does not prevent me from listening to uncomfortable.

Six years, even if the pillow is only a fly, you can understand its thinking.

Not to mention the individual.

Since that day, I have begun to observe all his actions.

He did have changed. In the past, he rarely traveled more and more often, and the frequency of overtime was getting higher and higher.

Faced with my inquiries, he always said that he wanted to give me a better life.

He said he would spoil me as a princess.

I still just smile.

This kind of words are sweet when listening to love, and it will only be doubtful for six years after marriage.

I have never given him restraint, nor will I say something to make him embarrassed.

Because he is my husband, what I said at the oath ceremony was my promise, and I would always be loyal to this marriage.

Of course, the premise is that he must also be loyal.

Love is equal, you love me, I love you, but only one party is called licking dogs.

And I can’t be a dog.

I looked at him coldly like a busy ant, and carefully hid the existence of another woman.

He thought that he was hiding well, but I still knew her from his gradually trendy dress style and speaking.

On my birthday, during the dinner, he sprayed a niche perfume in a wonderful manner, which was not a brand I was familiar with, nor was he used to love.

Facing the ridicule of his friend, he laughed.

I didn’t dare to look at me for a while.

I did not dismantle him, and I didn’t help the siege, I just chatted with my girlfriends.

But how to say, women have always understood women.

Some friends asked about whether I had quarreled with Song Yuan recently, and some reminded me to pay attention to Song Yuan’s recent schedule.

They all understand that no woman is a fool.

Just do not poke this layer of paper.

And my choice is … blindfolding.


When a woman cannot get love from a man, her sensuality will immediately fade away, and her leaving rationality reminds her not to be so.

I started to pay attention to the wealth I have accumulated over the years.

Fortunately, Song Yuan and I were very poor before they got married. There is no signing of any pre -marital property agreement.

Because there are no children, we don’t need to worry about family, so we work hard at work.

There are more and more money and real estate that has been earned one after another. I cleared it carefully and compared the loss after the divorce. After determining that I would not have a loss, I started to pick Song Yuan’s fault.

For example, after he made a fish with great interest, I said coldly:

"I remember telling you that I can’t eat fish, I will be allergic, have you forgotten?"

"I … I fell!"

His smile was stiff immediately, and he hurried to deal with it, and I stopped him.

"Forget it, it’s a pity that you have worked hard for so long."

I sighed quietly, looked straight at him for a few seconds, and then dressed up.

It made him uncomfortable to eat half a bowl of rice before reacting.

Then he pretended to approach him inadvertently, smelled the smell of his neck, and praised him with a smile.

He was panicked, but did not dare to show this panic, and could only pretend to stay calmly at home.

I can see his depression, he wants to run.

So I gave him an excuse: "The recent price of gold has fallen a lot. Do you say that I want to take the opportunity to buy something?

"Wife, you are so smart, why didn’t I think of it!"

He found the reason instantly, hurriedly left the house, and then bought a lot of gold jewelry back to please me.

I laughed happily, and I no longer asked him why there was a woman’s perfume.

Not to mention how stupid he would suddenly make fish.

Just try some topics, don’t open it too early.

Song Yuan was honest for a while, and then saw that I still did not respond quietly, and the courage became active again.

He went out at night, saying that he would celebrate his brother’s birthday, and told me to sleep first without waiting for him.

I knew this was just a word. Just now he hid the news of the washing room, and I knew it was the woman looking for him.

It was impossible for him to not go, but tonight, it was a decisive night.

Everyone knows what is chaotic after drinking.

Can you have another bragging capital from then on? It depends on this night.

I still didn’t stop it, but told him gentle and tenderly:

"Don’t drink too much, you will always make some regrets when you are drunk."

"My wife!"

He promised so simply, so he couldn’t wait, and he couldn’t even hear such a few words.

The door lock KATA buckled, and I put on a coat and called the private detective phone.

"He went out."


Song Yuan’s frequency has become higher and higher recently, but he has been smoother a lot.

Know to bring me a gift with jewelry.

Every time I took a smile, I never refused.

Seeing that I was so good, his courage was getting bigger, and even once carelessly, I found a small square in the car.

This made me cold.

I fell his things on his face and explained that he couldn’t say anything for a long time, and he rolled a layer of anxiety.

Too stupid.

So stupid, where is the self -confidence derailment?

I sighed disappointed and helped him go down: "I remember that last time you said to drink with your brother, did you fall when they hi?"

"Yes! It’s them!"

Until this topic, I did not ask for it. On the contrary, he found a lot of people to perform in order to dispel my questions.

After a while, his wine and meat friend testified that he was cleaned up. It was his colleague proved that he was not here that night.

Touring around for many days.

I still smiled, not to say that angry or forgiveness, watching him panic, just like watching a wonderful drama.

He asked me even more.

This time I did n’t buy things, but for me. The money was transferred to me through various festivals after various festivals, and then paired with a network copying word, and sent it nausea.

I accepted all, and then sent it with a smile.

I haven’t quarreled with him from beginning to end. He observed it carefully for a long time. After confirming that I didn’t find anything, my heart relaxed again.

I never blame the girl who involved in my family.

It is not me generous, nor is it my Virgin. If a man really loves someone, it is impossible to give foreigners a chance to approach him.

Like all men, holding the mentality of gamblers, he always feels that he can be flat in a bowl of water and will not let his wife discover.

How dare he!

I looked at the photos sent by private detectives with a smile, and Zhang Zhang was ambiguous and couldn’t bear to look directly.

See me vomiting.

I took these photos and saved several websites on various URLs, not afraid to delete it by mistake.

These are the last blows I have given them.

I won’t take it out so early, I haven’t squeezed the value of Song Yuan yet.


"This doll is so beautiful."

When I took Tang to the company to visit Song Yuan, I found that there were several colorful toys in his lounge.

He explained that it was given to him with extra colleagues from the lottery, and I nodded.

"Then your colleagues are really attentive."

I observed that these were played by boys. In addition, that girl should have confirmed that there are men or women in the stomach.

I know all this should be countdown.

She declares her existence so doubtfully, and it is undoubtedly that she thinks that she has tied Song Yuan’s heart.

Use a child.

"It’s really great."

I raised the doll praise, then let go of it, and let it fall to the ground.

"Unfortunately I don’t like …"

I turned to look at him: "Treat it, Song Yuan."

He said nothing, immediately took the bag to put all the toys, and then threw it away in front of me.

I said from the beginning that Song Yuan and I never attached to.

If the girl wants to borrow the upper stomach, it will be very wrong.

Climbing to our position, you can’t just look at feelings.

Love is not shameful, begging love is shameful.

I have a few big orders to cooperate with Song Yuan Company. In public, he dare not violate my taboo at this time.

So after discovering that I was not happy, he immediately broke the contact with the girl and concentrated on around me.

Everything is centered on me.

I still get along with him coldly, neither poke nor clear.

The girl couldn’t sit still.

She took the initiative to contact me and said that she wanted to see me and directly showed her relationship with Song Yuan.

She felt that I would be angry and rushed to ask her.

Think too much.

I’m busy.

This kind of unimportant private affairs can’t disturb my pace, especially at the key point of signing in cooperation. Song Yuan and I are both company representatives.Essence

Making money is the top priority, understand?

When we discussed the details and signed the contract, the two companies changed from competing to harmony from the battle, and my secretary respected me happily.

"President Zhen, it’s still you."

"You’re polite, everything is based on the interests of the company."

At the reception, we were a pleasant couple. Song Yuan blinked at me with a wine glass, and thanked me for not too much.

After being drunk, he murmured to say that he came to him. He changed others. I had to let their company lose money for sale.

Everyone laughed.

I pursed the wine and looked at the beating information on my phone with a light.

The provocative photos and exciting words described me like an ostrich that shrunk into the sand.

I didn’t say much, I just took a picture of Song Yuan’s cutting steak.

She is quiet.

In other words, we are brewing a larger storm.


I went to the appointment.

A outdoor cafe, two women sitting face to face.

One haggard, a calm.

I stirred the coffee lightly and motioned her to cry first, and I could wait.

"Ms. Zhen, I know that I am wrong first, but please understand!"

In less than three minutes, she had wiped five paper towels, and the red and swollen eyes were full of emotion:

"Love does not come first and then, Song Yuan and I have really feelings. The days when we are together are not worse than anyone, can you understand!"

"I know that in your heart, I am a primary three, and I am a thief who shamelessly involved in your family, but this is not what I think. Song Yuan does not love you! Your marriage only has interests and feelings, this is wrong!"

The more she said, the more excited, and even to stand up and speak:

"There is no love for love, just like a crumbling glass window, there is no need for earthquakes, and it will be broken when you touch it. Why do you insist on it? You are not happy, Song Yuan also aggrieved, do you have to distort it for a lifetime!"


She gritted her teeth and added another sentence:

"You can’t give him a complete home, you can’t have children, you should not continue to entangle Song Yuan!"

"And the child in my stomach can pass the incense for him!"


She had so much so much. I thought that as an audience, I had to give a little response, so "Oh" said that I was listening.

"Since you are clear, please come up with him early."

She didn’t seem to expect that I was so calm. While relieved, she didn’t protect her stomach tightly.

"Listening to you so much, I just want to ask."

I put down the spoon and drank the mellow coffee: "Song Yuan knows you come to me?"

"This is the matter between us!"

She was proud of her chin: "He loves me, loves this child, I will come to you, he is naturally clear."

"No, I think you have done something wrong."

I wave my hand and signal her to wait:

"I know Song Yuan’s time longer than you. You don’t know if you don’t understand the spleen of his person, but one thing I understand is better than anyone."

"Hidden things hidden, that’s not glory, you must die when you see light."

I laughed and put down the cup to see her:

"Why don’t you insist on seeing me? Isn’t it good to hiding behind him honestly? How can Song Yuan let you go so provocatively?"

"You … you are nonsense!"

She seemed to think of something suddenly changed, and then put her hand on her belly:

"How can you compare with me!"


I sighed and looked at her with compassion:

"You are not a pig who is a cub. Why do you always put the child’s mouth? Except for having a child, do your personal value gone?"

"Did Song Yuan see you getting pregnant before approaching you? Or do you think you can get pregnant, so be proud?"

She must not hear this words. She only knew that she shouted and shouted me, covering me like a thief.


Can’t communicate with her.

I got up and paid to go, but saw the clerk running panicked to her.

The eyes of everyone in the entire store settled to her.

At this time, she cried again, crying with heartbroken.

I quickly turned back and saw her lying on the table cold and sweat, and the traces of scattered pants reminded me that she was so angry that the amniotic fluid was broken.

"You harmed Song Yuan’s child, he would not let you go!"

She lifted 120, and she still put her head and let it go. The kind of proud and unexpectedly opened my eyes.

So I called and asked Song Yuan to come to the hospital to see the fun.

The atmosphere outside the delivery room is always difficult.

Compared to the heart of other pregnant women’s family members, I look very abrupt.

One aunt saw me playing with my phone and asked me if I was nervous, and taught me how to adjust my mood with breathing.

I crooked my head and smiled: "I’m not in a hurry, the one lying in it is the object of my husband’s derailment."


Death silence.

Everyone looked at me dullly, and then the whispering of the sft, some said that I was so big that I scolded the shameless one.

Some people also murmured that I was sitting here, do you want to wait for Xiaosan to come back.

I heard it all.

But I am not angry.

In my expectation, I feel that my state is unprecedented. I thought about it, and I was blushing.

When Song Yuan arrived, he saw my smile.

The figure rushing was crooked, and he knelt in front of me, and he couldn’t say clearly.

"Wife … you … you listen to me explanation … I will always love you."

For a long time, his eyes were moist, and he wanted to raise his hand and touched me a few times, and I was avoided by me.

"Don’t, you are so dirty."

I took out the wet paper towel and wiped the corner he touched, and looked at him with a smile: "It’s so dirty, don’t touch me."

He cried, tears stunned, as turbulent like the rain outside the window.

Like a child, sincerely please forgive me after making a mistake.

Someone couldn’t see it, and persuaded him to get up and not kneel, and some people wanted to pull me to ask me to give him a little face, saying that the man had gold under his knees.

This kind of garbage that stood and spoke without back pain was forced back by my eyes.

I got up and called in Song Yuan’s crying eyes, so that the financial manager came over.

"I think you are ready."

The wind rolls the glass, and I look at him in the dark corridor: "We should calculate the property division, Mr. Song."


Ms. Cheng, who was sent to the delivery room.

But no one was happy, even when she saw me and Song Yuan crying.

Compared with the arrogance of the first sight, she is obviously calm at this moment.

She begged Song Yuan to hug the child, saying that she loved him too much before coming to me emotionally.

Unfortunately, Song Yuan looked at her from beginning to end.

"I told you, don’t let my family, how do you guarantee it!"

"After receiving the money, you are old -fashioned, do you want to regret it!"

His words were too cold, Ms. Cheng was crying and blind, struggling to get up from the bed, and both nurses almost didn’t stop her.

I sat on the side and admired this peerless performance. The wealth management manager next to me was scared and sweaty, apparently dare not listen to this terrible gossip.

"Miss Zhen, see …"

He divided the real estate roughly, and let me see if there was any problem.

I was still beckoning Song Yuan, who was still in a low air, and motioned him to watch it together.

"Wife, really, you believe me, I really only love you alone."

"I have nothing to do between her, just because I let her have a child."

Song Yuan squatted in front of me and looked at me poorly, his hand held my wrist deadly, and he refused to let go like the drowning soul.

"You know, my mother always wants a grandson. She pressed me to choose with her deadly. I can’t help my wife … I really can’t help it."

He cried again, dragging my hand and crying.

I can feel his abundant emotions, and he always has a position in his heart.

I think, as he said, the person he loves is me.

But what can this explain?

Is it going to hurt me if you love me?Can you derail me with me?

Crying and saying, can the harm to me be offset?

Is it that time for the pain in the pain of betrayal, is that that’s it?

Impossible Song Yuan, I said, I can’t be a dog.

I pulled out the hand he was caught by him a little, stared straight at his eyes, and told him in a righteousness:

"It’s wrong, don’t take your mother as an excuse to act as you betrayed your marriage!"

"Do you think I am stupid or intend to oppress me with emotions, thinking that I will be pity you for the love that you are destroyed. Forget it, I am not the kind of emotional person!"

Leaning for a cold seat, I overlooking him on the ground:

"Let’s say something practical. If you want to seal my mouth and continue climbing up, you will sign up on the contract obediently."

Ms. Cheng, who was quiet as a chicken: "Rest assured, my contract spirit is guaranteed in the industry."

He refused to divorce his death.

Even if he was so stiff, he licked his face and went home behind me.

I dumped high -heeled shoes and watched his servant who was busy begging at home, while cooking for me while talking.

"Why bother, such a stalemate is a kind of pain to you. Song Yuan, you have to bear the consequences if you do something wrong, divorce."

He shook his hand, and a shrimp ball rolled back to the soup.

But the next moment, he raised his smile and let me get a cold before drinking.

I don’t want to ignore him. I didn’t touch the food on the table, I didn’t touch it, I was disgusting.

"Zhen Ying, we have been together for 6 years …"

He was half -kneeling next to me by the sofa, and murmured with my hand:

"I can’t without you. I don’t think I think about that kind of days without you. You hit me, okay, you smash me with something, cut my meat with a knife, how can it be? Zhen Ying, don’t don’t want me."

"My mother puts me a lot of pressure. She always gives me that kind of suicide picture video, she wants my grandson to crazy. You always say that I don’t take you to meet her, how dare I, she is crazy, she is crazyShe will hurt you. "

He said a lot, accompanied by tears that I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and I knew the pressure he faced over the years.

It turns out that our marriage has never been blessed.

I cried very sadly. This was the scar with me and me. I thought I was strong and proud.

Because I never agree with the value of a woman, only fertility.

But the world is unknown. Even if I am stronger, the position of the station is higher than most men. One sentence "You can’t get pregnant" have been destroyed by all my achievements.

I thought Song Yuan’s intellectual mother could understand and support us. She praised me as a woman in the new era and the benchmark for women in the workplace.

It turned out … she would also scold me as a pig that could not have a child.

I cried so black.

But I pushed Song Yuan away.

"But you are wrong!"

I looked at the tearful eyes and he was hazy: "The wrong person is you, how can you treat me like this!"


"Don’t divorce … Zhen Ying … I don’t divorce …"

I moved out of that house, lived in the company’s dormitory, and started living in life.

He wandered around the gate day and night, and he didn’t dare to enter and didn’t dare to leave, so he waited for me to turn back so pitifully.

Impossible, Song Yuan.

The pain given me in love is only this time in my life, and I will not give you the opportunity to hurt me the second knife.

I rejected the inquiries of all relatives and friends. No matter who I prevailed in front of me, I would turn my face. I don’t want to see him except the company’s cooperation and hear his name.

He also seemed to understand what I meant, and he never tangled me for a long time.

I thought it was just like this, but it was obvious that I thought too simple.

I saw Song Yuan’s mother, my mother -in -law.

She came to me.

Very polite and proud to come to me.

The first sentence of opening is:

"I have got the grandson I want, and then you and Song Yuan will not blend again."

"He has never told you that I put pressure on him. He has never rebelled with me from an early age.

She pulled out a fine cigarette in the cigarette clip, and slowly checked it in her mouth:

"In short, I get what I want, and I will not intervene anymore in the next life."


I did not respond, and I even took a lit directly from her cigarette clip.

The mint flavored tobacco flavor permeated in the lounge, I watched her chin and looked at her:

"Is the Song family inherited? Or are you his stepmother?"

"In your eyes, what is the difference between Song Yuan and the breeding pigs of the matching type …"


She glared her eyes, and seemed to think of something next second again:

"Forget it, I can’t tell you, you don’t know anything."

"I know!"

I leaned over to this elegant intellectual wife:

"How can the strong frustrated fruits be sweet? He hates you, have you been making trouble with you these days, did he never look at that child …"

"I thought that Ms. Cheng wanted to tie him with a child. I didn’t expect it. The one who was most afraid of losing him was you …"

"Is my existence so scared …"

The mint flavor dissipated at the tip of our nose, and I stared at her tight pupil: "I know everything, my mother -in -law, such as how Ms. Cheng approaches Song Yuan, for example, the birthday party is held by youOrder the medicine … I know everything. "

I gently sorted out the broken hair in her ear: "Seven years of itching, this is the test I gave him by your hand. Congratulations, you still successfully let him return to you, you won."

"You crazy … lunatic!"

She said with a pale face for a while: "I know you have a problem with your spirit! Song Yuan doesn’t believe it! He doesn’t believe it! Obviously there is only 23% of the risks, why don’t you get pregnant, you are too selfish!Too selfish! "

She hugged her bag and ran out of the ground:

"I want to tell him! I want to tell him everything! You lunatic! Always never think of me to recognize you!"

"You go."

I looked at her back with a smile: "See if he believes you or believe me."


Sure enough, I didn’t expect it, Song Yuan’s mother sued.

No matter how she scolds, Song Yuan ignores it.

She has already used her credit, and no one will believe her, and Song Yuan is even more impossible.

Even because she said me, she still had a dark face and said that she had a bad relationship.

The child, Song Yuan simply gave the hukou very well, hung in his mother’s name, and the relationship was actually [mother and child].

No one knows what he is thinking.

I even learned the news in the end.

At that time, he had collapsed with his family, leaving an old death, and he ignored them anymore.

And I didn’t get a little trouble from beginning to end. It seemed that Song Yuan intended to hide from me and didn’t want me to see those dirty things.

I accepted this intention. In return, I maintained his image in the company and did not get out of his family’s family.

Although Ms. Cheng himself was very uncomfortable, the private affairs and official affairs were distinguished. Song Yuan had downgraded, but he did not move away from the core position. This is my gratitude.

A husband and wife can be regarded as the last thing I do for him.

After half a year, one day he suddenly asked me to meet, and it was the fly restaurant we often went to study.

I sat under the dim light and ate rice quietly.

He didn’t talk, and he gently told me that he would sign the divorce agreement when he was preparing to leave.

"Figured out?"

I asked him: "Actually you should sign it half a year ago. At that time, I still had feelings for you and would not be too harsh in property."

"It’s not now possible. I have the fact that you have derailed in your hand. It proves that cohabitation with Ms. Cheng and the child’s blood test report. Now I will not take a half step on the divorce agreement. I will take you back to you to owe me.all of."

"You are so detailed."

He smiled bitterly and looked at my eyebrow carefully:

"Zhen Ying, do you know, I always wake up in the middle of the night, and I have an inexplicable panic about this marriage. You are too calm and devoted too much. Sometimes I can’t breathe, and your love is so terrible."

"Never quarrel with me, do not argue with anything to encounter anything, and always tenderly as a good wife. Sometimes I love you and be crazy, and sometimes I am particularly afraid of you."

"So you are derailed."

I left him this affirmative sentence: "Because I love you, I am loyal to this marriage, so you’re derailed, is this? This is your explanation to me?"


He choked, his hands blocked his face and buried his head:

"I know that everything is just an excuse now. I am greedy, I want your goodness, but also the temptation of the outside world."

"You are right, my mother pressed me is just an excuse. I really want to refuse and it is very simple."


I was holding hot tea, and then I watched Song Yuan in the fog. At this time, it was difficult for him to see the hardship of hard work.

Family disturbances affected him.

But these have nothing to do with me. What is the result of what is the result is that he blame himself, and he cannot blame outsiders.

I’m just a pity, but unfortunately, there is a person who can communicate ideas from then on.

It is difficult for him to get up again.

Time and the market will not give him a sober time. I heard that there is a young man in their department, and it means that he means replacing him.

"Ere early, it is embarrassing to be frustrated in your career."

I reminded him before leaving.

In the darkness, I just saw him laughing at himself: "You will always be so awake."

Am I awake?

Standing in front of the floor -to -ceiling window overlooking the scenery, behind the secretary reported today’s schedule.

"Li Xun, do you say I am very indifferent?"

I interrupted her long story and asked abruptly, "What does me look like in you?"


The woman with a single ponytail thought suddenly and smiled suddenly: "President Zhen you must not know the popularity of your company."

"How to say?"

"Nearly 40 % of the female colleagues are only joined to see you."

"So …"

I laughed: "That’s really honor."

"I don’t know why you evaluate yourself so low, but in our hearts, you will always be looking up."

She dangled the ponytail, and the apricot’s eyes were full of sincerity:

"Women who can sit at a high position are all powerful people. Gender discrimination in the workplace is always unreasonable. In the same campaign, how many women have been elected because of that ridiculous reason."

"I don’t say absolutely, but your existence has always inspired us to tell us that we did not lose."

She said a lot.

I watched the sun out of Wuyun outside the window, and suddenly felt a little confusing.

"you’re right."

I turned to look at her: "It’s my prestigious, fish and bear’s paw cannot be both, I can be lucky to have it for a short time, I should be content."

"? ??"

She was puzzled, and I didn’t want to explain more, and walked out of the jacket and walked out.

"Let’s go, isn’t it Zhang’s general talks with the XS Group after an hour? Prepare the information, and I want to watch it in the car."



In a meeting 5 years later, I met Song Yuan again.

At that time, our status was very different. In addition to the position of the company, I also invested two companies. At present, the career is booming, and the whole person exudes a confident and powerful aura.

Through the huge bodyguard, I saw him sitting on the steps on the steps against the sun.

The hot sun made his face flushed. He explained what he explained with the client while wiping sweat. In his words, he had a bad sin and a careful tone to see that he had a bad life.

"Do you know?"

Huang Dong, who entertained my dinner, glanced at us and asked carefully if he wanted to pick up Song Yuan.

"No, it’s just a mistake."

I smiled and left without looking back.

He doesn’t need me to pity, and I will not do such a disgusting person.

Our relationship has long stopped, and we will not have an intersection.

For the rest of my life, each has its own way of living, so don’t live it.

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