Xiao Tuan sent videos to rumors to get pregnant, and water friends ignore: Great temper is a postpartum syndrome

After the small group has recently resumed on the 18th, he returned to the position of Douyu Girl Fantasy God. Fans who have not seen the small group have been seen in advance for two months.In a month, the small group solved the guild contract problem and adjusted the personal mentality and body. It was also a re -departure in a sense.

The re -returned small group reported to you on the day of the re -broadcasting that he had stopped broadcasting for two months. Of course, the most ridiculed was that she was fat again.Every day at home, you can raise your body and have ghosts without fat.

The small group also showed his own figure for this.

Then she also responded to the issue of the guild contract in the live broadcast. She admitted that there were some misunderstandings between the two sides. Now it has been lifted, and she will continue to perform the contract in the form of third -party cooperation.

In the entire re -broadcasting process, the small group has always emphasized that there is one thing that I really have no pregnancy. I don’t know where it started. It is said that the small group stopped broadcasting to go home and give birth to a baby. In additionThe time point is just right. It is used for production for a month, and the other month is used to confine, and the time formed a perfect closed loop.

Even if the small group kept rumoring, it was incurable to show his figure. Finally, the small group could not bear it. For this reason, a video was released.

In the video, everyone talked about everyone’s pregnancy. The stop broadcasting was to confine, and the early rest was because of confinement. It was rumored that it would be true. As soon as you do, someone asked him if he was going to feed your child to milk after get off work.

The small group also said that if he was in love afterwards, as soon as he was public, all of them were "Don’t you have a child", then the egg is over.

Will you be happy for life?

And even if the small group posted a clear video separately, there were still many water friends who laughed at the "pregnancy facts" of the small group under this video.Stablize.

And some people still asked her if she was out of confinement.

I don’t know how long this rumor of this small group will continue, but the movement of the small group treats the rumors is still correct. Since it is a joke, it is a joke to resolve it. It is always impossible to believe that she is pregnant.

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