Xiaokang said medicine: What should I pay attention to when taking Da Ying 35 contraception?

Speaking of diarrheol cyclopidone tablets, many people first report that this is a drug for contraception, but in fact, except for contraception, this medicine still has other effects.Presumably, everyone is unclear about its other functional effects, so I will tell you in detail the sorting information today.

Universal name: Pyraolanosterol cyclopyricone tablets

Commodity name: Daying 35

Indications: Pyraxyl glycopypenalone tablets can be used for oral contraception.Esolol cyclopylene ketone tablets are also used to treat women’s androgens dependent diseases, such as acne, especially obvious types, and acne with sebum or inflammation or forming nodulesCyst -cyst acne), women’s androgen hair loss, mild hair, and symptoms of Kinematic symptoms of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome.

The drug is a compound preparation, and its component is 2mg acetic acid ring, and the 0.035mg of 0.035mg is estradium.

The sebaceous glands consisting of sebaceous glands and hair follicles are part of the skin that is sensitive torogens.Acne, seborrheic dermatitis, women’s hair androgen hair loss are all clinical manifestations caused by this target organs. The possible reason is that its sensitivity increases or the serum concentration of androgen has increased.

The two ingredients contained in the estradioline mese ketone tablets will have a beneficial impact on the state of the high androgen: acetate is a competitive antagonist that is a maxim in the receptor level.Hormonal synthesis has inhibitory effects and can reduce the blood concentration ofrogens through anti -gonad effects.Its anti -adrenal effects are enhanced by estradiosol, and the estradiralol also increases the synthesis of the sex hormone (SHBG) in the plasma.As a result, a reduction of biological utilization of biological utilization in the cycle.

1. Applicable people:

Asheminals dependent on diseases, those who need contraceptives.

2. Contraindications:

1) History history of thrombosis (vein or arteries) or blood clot formation (such as: deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident); prevailing symptoms of thrombosis may have related medical history (such as: short -lived shortcomings (such as shortcomingCerebral hemorrhadic seizures, angina pectoris); accumulating diabetes of blood vessels; severe or multiple risk factors formed by venous or arterial thrombosis are also contraindications; existence or severe liver disease, as long as the liver function value is not returned to normal; existence or formerHistory of liver tumors (benign or malignant); known or doubtful malignant tumors affected by sexual hormones or breasts of reproductive organs or breasts; vaginal hemorrhage that is not diagnosed.

2) Compound acetic acid cylinder neopurgeon tablets cannot be used for men.

3) For those who have allergies in any ingredients in the drug, they are disabled, and allergies are used with caution.

3. The use of children, pregnant women, lactating women, and elderly people;

1) Pyraolanol cyclopenone tablets cannot be used for pregnancy.If you take pregnancy, you should stop the medicine immediately.

2) Alcohol glycopalone tablets are also disabled during lactation.Peridone of acetate can enter the milk of breastfeeding women.About 0.2%of the mother’s dose can reach newborns through milk.

3) Children’s medication should be cautious, and medicines can only be used after the first tide.

4) The elderly are not applicable.Drugs cannot be used after menopause.

1. Can I eat the diarrhel cyclopenalone tablets for contraception after the abortion?

After early pregnancy abortion, you can start taking medicine immediately without using other contraceptive methods.After miscarriage in the midterm, it is recommended that women start taking medication on the 21-28 days after abortion.If it starts late, it should be recommended that women use the barrier method within 7 days before taking the medicine.However, if sexual behavior has occurred, it should be except for pregnancy, or wait for the woman’s first menstrual tide before taking the estradioline glycopypenalone tablets.

2. Can the estradiolineopopidone tablets remove acne?

Esolol cyclopyopurine tablets have a certain effect on the treatment of acne, and the secretion ofrogens secretion are the main causes of acne.The main ingredient of Da Ying 35 is cyclopypene ketone. Cyclopidone can combine receptors with androgen competition, thereby reducing the impact ofrogens on acne.

1. Other drugs (such as enzyme induction, some antibiotics) are interacting with estrogen and estrogen hormones such as germ cornea.If women are treated with any drug, they should temporarily use barrier contraceptive methods or choose other methods to use the obedience.

2. Normally, after meals, you should see clearly before use, and generally take it according to normal measurement, follow the doctor’s advice.

3. Pay more attention to your physical condition during the medication. If you have any symptoms of discomfort, you should reflect it to the doctor in time.

This issue of well -off is introduced here. If you want to know more about the treatment content of cymbal estradiopopidone tablets, you can also directly consult the relevant pharmacists and check the detailed product manual.I wish you all your early recovery!

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