Xunzi is pregnant, the whole family regrets

My parents want to buy me a school district house.

After hearing it, the sister -in -law was anxious and wanted to use the children in the stomach to grab the school district house.

And threatened: I wrote my name in the school district room, so I hit the child.

Who knows that parents are angry at the table:

"You love to give birth, roll out of my house if you don’t give birth."


This year’s Lantern Festival, my brother returned home with his sister -in -law.

My parents are very happy, because since my brother got married, the couple went home for the first time to spend the Lantern Festival for the first time.

In the morning, my mother went to the vegetable market to buy ingredients, and instructed my dad to go in line to buy a super difficult sauce beef, because it was the favorite of sister -in -law.

Near meals, my brother sister -in -law was empty.

When they knocked on the door, parents were busy in the kitchen, and I was changing cat litter to the pudding. The pudding was a stray cat I picked up. It has been followed by me for more than a year, especially well -behaved.

"Why is it so slow when opening the door?"

As soon as he entered the door, the sister -in -law Jiang Xue took his hips with both hands and was strange to me.

My sister -in -law and I have always been bad, so I didn’t care about her, and picked up the cat sand pot at her feet to leave.

Who knew she glanced at the cat sand pot in my hand and immediately pinched her nose with her hands,

"Why is this cat still raised at home? It makes a strange smell at home and smoked me."

"Come on this cat. If this beast is still there, I won’t come back in this family."

I glanced at Jiang Xue fiercely, saying it was angrily,

"Who is you called a beast? This is the pudding home, do you love?"

Jiang Xue said in a while, and turned to blame his brother,

"I can’t say it, you have to pull me."

"Look, your family doesn’t even wait to see me even more than me."

When my brother saw this, he immediately comforted Jiang Xue, and his mother was full of a plate of beef, and came out of the kitchen to make a circle.

"Xiaoxue, don’t be angry, of course you welcome."

"You see, this is the sauce beef dedicated to your dad, the one you like."

When I saw a plate of beef full of beef, Jiang Xue’s expression was slightly eased. After I glanced hard, I turned my head and walked towards the bathroom.

After a long time, Jiang Xue came out of the bathroom in a panic. My brother hurriedly greeted him and asked with concern:

"Xiaoxue, what’s wrong with you, is your body uncomfortable, how can you sweat, wipe it quickly."

Jiang Xue shook his head and looked at my gaze.

My heart was tight and hurried into the bathroom. Sure enough, I found that the black tight dress I hung in the bathroom was already wrinkled, and the zipper around my waist was also torn.

This dress was sent by a good girlfriend I have known for more than ten years. It was her graduation design. I originally intended to wear it at the graduation ceremony.

I ran out of the dress and asked Jiang Xue,

"Are you wearing my clothes?"

Jiang Xue guiltyly pinched his hair, his eyes looked elsewhere

"What clothes, I have a lot of clothes, do I need to wear your clothes?"

"Just you just entered the toilet, isn’t you still?"

Jiang Xue couldn’t hide it, and I just didn’t pretend,

"What’s wrong with me? An only one of the dresses, what can be rare, it is not a big deal to pay you a dozen dollars, you can repair it."

Suddenly, I was furious and threw the dress heavy on Jiang Xue.

"This dress is a private custom model, can you afford it?"

"Also, your mother hasn’t taught you, don’t you touch someone else’s things?"

As soon as the words fell, Jiang Xue cried aggrieved, and his brother saw this, and quickly scolded me.

"An An, what do you say? Just a piece of dress, your sister -in -law is not intentionally damaged. So, I will transfer you a thousand dollars later, you can customize one."

"elder brother……"

Before I finished speaking, my mother stepped forward and held me, shook her head at me.

Thinking of the Lantern Festival today, my brother finally went home. I had to endure it and went to the restaurant with my mother.


Half of the meal, my brother put down his chopsticks and smiled with a smile,

"Dad, mom, tell you a good news, Xiaoxue, she is pregnant!"

My parents were surprised and happy when I heard this

"Xiaoxue is pregnant? Okay, okay, it’s really a big event. My dad and I have been worried about retiring. It’s okay now.

Although my anger has not yet disappeared, but I heard that the sister -in -law was pregnant, I was also very happy. After all, my brother always wanted a child, and now it is finally for your wish.

I raised the juice in front of me and wanted to congratulate my brother,

"Brother, sister -in -law, congratulations, when the little nephew and niece are born, I will give him a little golden lock."

My brother quickly raised the wine glass to respond to me, but the sister -in -law was unhappy, and she didn’t speak her face.

Seeing this, my brother pushed Jiang Xue with his hands,

"My sister is toasting, but you show it."

Who knows that Jiang Xue was so angry that he put off his chopsticks,

"What I said, she snatched my son’s school district house, and I asked me to laugh at her."

"School district house? What school district house?"

My parents and I looked at each other and didn’t know what Jiang Xue was going crazy.

Jiang Xue stood up excitedly and pointed at me with his fingers,

"Lin Anan, you are still pretending to be stupid. Don’t think I don’t know. My parents bought you a school house, or it is still on the best elementary school in our city."

I realized that Jiang Xue was talking about this house.

I am a primary school teacher. After graduating this year, I will work in Jiangbin Elementary School in this city.This school district house was bought for me for my convenience for me to go to work.

In our house, there is nothing to be overweight. My brother has something, and my parents will prepare me for me.

When my brother got married, my family prepared a large flat layer in the market for them to be a wedding room. It also gave Jiang Xue a 280,000 color gift, which was also given to Jiang Xue’s face.

Unexpectedly, now my parents just bought me a house that could not be set up in less than ninety square meters, and Jiang Xue had such a big opinion.

Seeing Jiang Xue splashing, my brother’s face is not very good -looking,

"Didn’t you say that this matter, can you stop at the Lantern Festival today."

Jiang Xue pointed at my hand and immediately tuned the direction and pointed to my brother,

"Lin Pingping, can you fight for a bit of anger for the children in my stomach. Can you feed us the two thousand dollars per month?"

"Besides, Lin Anan is a daughter. In the future, I still have to marry out.

"Do you miss our son, don’t you learn it in the future?"

Jiang Xue accused my brother with a face, and I couldn’t help it anymore, got up with her theory,

"Jiang Xue, you are my sister -in -law, so I always respect you three points, but you have to understand good words here."

"This school district house was bought by my parents, you want to grab it, dream,"

"Okay, your family, bully me as an outsider."

"I still put this talk about this. If this school district house was given Lin Anan, I would put my stomach

The child hit."

As soon as Jiang Xue’s tone fell, Dad suddenly threw the chopsticks in his hand on the ground, and the whole family was startled.

"Xiaoxue, when you got married to our house, did we not buy a wedding room for your husband and wife?"

"Now I actually hit An An’s house. If you love this child, you will roll out of the house you bought from our house."

Jiang Xue looked at my dad stunned. After a long time, he wiped his tears and picked up the bag on the sofa angrily.

"Okay, since your family doesn’t want this child, I will go to fight him now."

After speaking, Jiang Xue’s head walked out of the house without returning.

When my brother saw this, he pursed his lips, and finally said nothing. He took Jiang Xue’s down jacket jacket and chased it out.

The farce of the Lantern Festival is so unpleasant.

Later, I did n’t know what my brother used to use it, and persuaded the sister -in -law, and she stopped for a while.


Although we and the sister -in -law have broken their faces, but the sister -in -law is pregnant with my brother’s child. Although my parents do not like the sister -in -law of the sister -in -law, they also want to hug their grandsons.

So, after taking a weekend, my mother took me, went to the supermarket to buy a lot of things for pregnant women, and sent it to my brother.

My brother worked overtime today. He was not at home. It was Jiang Xue’s mother who opened the door.

As soon as she saw us, her face sank immediately,

"What are you doing, I still think that my daughter was not angry last time, right?" There are still faces now. "

Mom has always been an old man, and he quickly laughed.

"Let’s take a look at Xiaoxue and buy something used by pregnant women by the way."

Seeing the big bags behind us, Jiang Mu’s face eased slightly,

"Come in, remember to take off your shoes, don’t step on my home,"

My mother and I stunned at the same time. When did this house become her house?

Later, Mother Jiang skimmed us in the living room and hid in the room by herself. She didn’t come out for a long time. Jiang Xue didn’t even see her personal shadow.

My mother and I looked at each other for half an hour before Jiang’s mother came out of the room and sat on the sofa opposite.

"How are you thinking about? When is the school district room going to the house"? "

Mom’s smile suddenly stiffened at the corner of her mouth,

"My mother, when Pingping married Xiaoxue, our family bought this large flat floor for them to be a wedding room.

Mother Jiang rolled his eyes at us, cold,

"The school district house is for your future grandson. Besides, my daughter marries your house and give you a child for your family. This is a hero."

"Without my daughter, your family must be absolutely

Later, it should not be a house?"

The mother’s face was extremely gloomy, and her tone was mixed with displeased,

"Then this school district house, do we want to give An’an?"

Jiang’s mother jumped from the sofa excited

"For a girl, you don’t even want your grandson. If you are not written in Xiaoxue, this school district house will not divorce or be fetal, you can do it yourself."

"My mother, the child in Xiaoxue’s stomach is my grandson, but An An is also my daughter. Although we value this child, if this child threatens An An, it is another thing."

As soon as the mother’s words fell, there was a sound of smashing cups in the room. I glanced at my mother and I didn’t speak, and went straight out.

On the way back, when I saw my mother’s sorrow, I asked compromise,

"Mom, if the sister -in -law really wants this house, it should be given to her."

"As long as she can give birth to this child, just a school district house, just give it."

Mom shook her head and was determined.

"We have compromised this time, what about she will get pregnant next time?"

"Your sister -in -law just thinks we value this child, and then we want to force us to nod with a fetus."

Soon after returning home, my brother’s phone call came over.

"Mom, I finally persuaded Xiaoxue, what are you and An An go to make trouble? Xiaoxue’s belly is my child, you don’t feel bad, I feel bad!"

"Now, she is noisy to fight the child again, are you satisfied now?"

My mother opened her mouth and stopped talking. I grabbed my phone and shouted in the microphone.

"Brother, can you figure out the situation? My mother and I have a bunch of things to see the sister -in -law. Even if she hid in the room, even if she came up, she asked the house about the house, and she said that divorce was born."

"Mom is not angry, and I didn’t see you to care about it. When I came up, I would like to ask the teacher to ask the teacher. Yes, the sister -in -law is your child, then you are not your mother’s child?"

My brother knows that he loses his sense, and his tone has eased slightly,

"Hey, I don’t mean that. Xiaoxue can not be stimulated recently. Don’t bother her."

After speaking, there was a sound of "Dudu Dudu" on the other side of the phone, and my brother hung up the phone.

My mother stood still red, but waved my hand and said it was okay.


After the school started, I was busy with graduation thesis and went home once a month, but I did not expect that I was hitting my brother who was going home.

Listening to my mother said that my brother -in -law came back and apologized, and his parents also went down the donkey, and no longer care about the previous things.

When my brother saw me, I touched my head embarrassed,

"An An is back, come and sit."

I walked to the sofa and saw that the sister -in -law was sitting there with Erlang’s legs, eating red strawberries, and each strawberry took a bite, and a pile of strawberry farts were thrown on the table.

I shook my head and didn’t want to sit with my sister -in -law to choose to go to the cat room and pudding.

The cat room was changed to the study before my house. Since my dad retired, the study has been idle, and now it has become a small nest of pudding, drinking, drinking, and fun.

When the sister -in -law saw me going to the cat room, she quickly got up and followed,

"I also go to see the kitten. I heard that pregnant women are in contact with small animals. It is good for children."

I saw it, and immediately stopped the sister -in -law,

"Xunzi, the pudding hasn’t taken a bath for a long time, I’m afraid it will smoke you."

"Besides, cats are moving. Now you are about the time when you are pregnant, or don’t go in. In case you scrape, this happened, I can’t bear the responsibility."

The sister -in -law looked at my brother with a grievance,

"Husband, I went home with you and apologized. Now I want to play with the cat, and I will not let An An."

When my brother heard it, he immediately blamed me,

"An An, your sister -in -law wants to go in and let her go in, just a cat, your sister -in -law can’t touch it?"

My stopped hand could only put it down and followed the sister -in -law into the cat room.

As soon as Pudding saw me coming, I rushed into my arms excitedly, and kept holding my arm with its little head.

Pudding and I played hard, but the sister -in -law wanted to hug the pudding. I quickly opened the cage and put the pudding in.

"Xunzi, there may be any bacteria on the pudding, so you tease it across the cage."

Speaking, I handed the teasing cat stick to the sister -in -law.

Unexpectedly, the sister -in -law ignored me, and walked straight to the cage and hugged the pudding.

"Oh, cats are just going out. Don’t close it in the cage, it’s boring."

"By the way, aren’t you going to change the cat sand pot for it? I play with the cat for a while, you can change it."

Looking at the pudding lying in the arms of the sister -in -law, I let go of my heart and went to the balcony with a cat sand pot.

It didn’t take long for the pudding screams and the exclaiming of the sister -in -laws. My heart was tight, and I felt a big deal. I quickly threw down the cat litter and walked to the cat room.

At the same time, parents and my brother both ran to the cat room in a panic.

I opened the cat room and saw that the sister -in -law fell beside the cat cage. She motionless. She had two thin and long scars on her hand, and she slightly bleed out.

My brother quickly picked up his sister -in -law and shouted at us:

"Go and drive, all stunned


Dad quickly picked up the car key on the table and sent his brother to the hospital.

Looking at the bright red blood in the cat room, my heart was paralyzed to the ground, and my body trembled.

"Mom, I don’t know that Pudding will attack sister -in -law, I really don’t know."

"What if the sister -in -law’s child can’t hold it?"

My mother hugged me tightly and comforted it softly:

"It’s okay, it’s okay. Your sister -in -law has a heavenly phase, and it will be fine."


When we rushed to the hospital, the sister -in -law had been sent to the operating room, and the situation seemed not wonderful.

My brother sat aside, lowered his head and said nothing, and the cigarette butt side was scattered.

After a long time, the lights in the operating room finally died, the sister -in -law was pushed out, her lips were white, and her forehead was still sweating.

"Doctor, my wife … how about children?"

The doctor looked at the anxious brother and sighed,

"The child didn’t keep it, I’m very sorry."

"However, if you have good conditioning, you still have the possibility of conceiving anymore."

After listening, my brother was stunned in place.

The rushing mother Jiang’s mother heard this, lying crying on her sister -in -law, and she didn’t forget to talk to me.

"You bitch, look at your good thing, the child is gone now, are you satisfied?"

"I tell you, our Jiang family is not bullying, just wait for life!"

My feet were full of lead, so I couldn’t move. I could only scold Jiang Mu’s scolding in the same place. My mother saw that the situation was wrong.

After returning home, I saw a messy cat room, and there was a pool of blood in it. I couldn’t support it anymore, and sat on the ground and cried.

Pudding ran towards me, climbing up my legs, and screaming weakly.

I held the pudding in my arms, rubbing the soft hair of the pudding with my face, but touched some sticky liquid.

When I looked at it, I found that there was a terrible wound on the pudding body. The blood flowing from the wound was almost solidified on the surrounding hair.

"Pudding, who made you like this?"

Pudding did not respond to me, but lying in my arms weakly.

I quickly took the pudding to the pet hospital. The doctor carefully checked the wound for the pudding and found that there was a small screw in the wound.

Although the nail was small, it also penetrated the skin of the pudding and picked it into the pudding meat.

I quickly asked the doctor to arrange a nail, but the pudding had been very resistant because of pain. It was not until the anesthetic was taken, and then took the nails smoothly.

Seeing lying on the stage, dying

Pudding, my heart was extremely uncomfortable.

The doctor told me to take a good picture to see the pudding,

"Now cats and cats are easy to run around. If you are not at home, you will monitor at home, so if the cat runs out, you can find it as soon as possible."

When I heard the doctor, I remembered that I was monitored in the cat room a long time ago.

At that time, I just picked up the pudding, but because I hadn’t graduated, I couldn’t raise pets. I could only give pudding to my parents to take care of it.

In order to see the pudding every day, I just place an order on the Internet, the monitoring that can be moved and dialogue.

However, the quality of this monitoring is not very good. I ca n’t talk after a few times, and I do n’t care about it.

I thanked the doctor, and quickly took the pudding back home and went straight to the cat room.

I do n’t know when the mobile monitoring was kicked to the corner of the cat room, but fortunately, the monitoring still has electricity, and the memory card is still there.

I inserted the memory card on the computer and found the monitoring of this afternoon.

On the picture, after I walked out of the cat’s room, the sister -in -law at the beginning was teasing the pudding gentlely. Later, I found a nail from the toolbox next to the cat climbing rack and inserted it straight into the pudding body.

After a pudding screaming, he broke free of Jiang Xue’s restraint, and his legs trembled and jumped to the table next to him.

Who knew that Jiang Xue didn’t stop, he had to catch the pudding, but he did not catch the pudding, but was scratched by the pudding out of two slender mouths.

After being caught, Jiang Xue exclaimed, and then walked to the cat cage, and fell straight down the ground.

I covered my mouth in surprise and couldn’t believe the pictures I saw. Is this all the show under Jiang Xue’s self -directed and self -directed and self -directed and self -directed and self -directed play?

But what she lost was her child …


The next day, I heard that Jiang Xue woke up, and I rushed to the hospital in a hurry.

Jiang Xue happened at my house. Everyone thought it was pudding madness and attacked Jiang Xue, which caused her to have a miscarriage.

So her parents arranged the best ward for Jiang Xue and asked her to take care of her diet.

When I arrived at the hospital, I saw that my brother had just come out of the ward. He was wearing a pair of dark circles, and his eyes were covered with blood.

When my brother saw me, he did not blame his face, but just stopped me gently,

"An An, don’t go in, Xiaoxue’s family is inside, I’m afraid they will sprinkle your breath on you."

My tears suddenly came into my heart,

"Brother, don’t you blame me?"

My brother touched my head and sighed gently

A sound,

"Stupid sister, it’s not your fault, maybe your brother and me, it’s not good luck."

"I was pregnant for more than a year, and I didn’t keep it when I was pregnant. This is life."

Looking at the dead brother, I still couldn’t bear to tell him the monitoring.

After my brother left, I returned again and wanted to go in and ask.

Unexpectedly, there was a laughter in the ward.

"I’ll say that this China Merchants Bank can be connected. If you look at it, the Lin family will definitely try his best to compensate Xiaoxue. At that time, the school district house is not said."

I do n’t know much about speaking, but I have a good relationship with the Jiang family.

"What kind of ghost method are you, the price is too high, I almost went to see the king of Yan"

Jiang Xue was lying on the bed and said weakly.

Jiang mother looked at Jiang Xue with a smile, and her face had no distress on her face.

"My good daughter, I can’t bear the children who can’t hold the wolf, not to mention that this is a female baby that flows off. When your body is raised, you and Xiaoping will work harder and strive to give birth to a big fat boy."

"There is a son to have a status. Thanks to your cousin’s method, what does that word say, one arrow double carved!"

I was unbelievable watching the three in the ward, just feeling cold.

Is there really such important school district houses?

I ran home in a panic, but my mind kept intertwined everything I saw today.

My parents saw me who lost God, and hurriedly came around me.

"An An, don’t blame you too much about your sister -in -law, you can’t blame you all. After all, she is going to play with the pudding.

"Not caused by pudding!"

I interrupted my mother’s words excitedly,

"It’s a sister -in -law, she directed and performed all of this. She killed the children in her belly for the school district house!"

"An An! Don’t talk nonsense, how can this kind of thing be nonsense."

My mother thought I was so embarrassed, and quickly covered my mouth.

Dad looked at me seriously and asked tentatively:

"An An, tell Dad, do you know what?"

I hesitated for a moment, and I still told my parents in the dialogue I heard at the door of the ward.

"Are you all really true? No one hear it?"

Dad’s face with a color on his face and asked me seriously.

I nodded heavily, and put the picture taken in the monitoring in front of my parents.

"A group of beasts, they are simply not human!"

"I also think of us to compensate her, there is no door!"

Daddy is angry

Picking the table, his breathing became rapid.

I quickly support my father’s body and help him go up,

"Dad, now I am in a hurry to tell his brother. Can you let the Jiang family cheat him for a lifetime?"

"Yes, An An is right, you call your brother now, and let him go home quickly."

Mom is on the side


I picked up my phone and dialed my brother’s phone,

"Hey, brother, where are you? Can you go home? We have important things to tell you."

Before my brother said, Jiang Mu’s screams came from the other side of the phone:

"You bitch, you still dare to call, you wait for me, our family will not let you go."

As soon as Jiang Mu finished speaking, Jiang Xue coughed violently.The brother was lacking in the technique, and only left a sentence "Go back when you have time", and hurriedly hung up the phone.

At ten o’clock that day, my brother dragged his tired body and returned home.

"Is there anything wrong with me?"

I poured a glass of water for my brother and sat next to him.

"Brother, what’s the situation of Xunzi?"

My brother took the water and drank it all,

"Xiaoxue is gloomy all day long, An An, don’t go to the hospital these days. Her family is not a good stubble. They will definitely not let you see you."

"Don’t let go of An An? Is this wanting to calculate the abort of An An?"

Dad looked at his brother coldly, and his tone was unhappy.

Brother rubbed impatiently and rubbed Tai Temple, whispered back

"Dad, I don’t mean that. How can I say that the abortion of Xiaoxue is also caused by pudding, and the pudding is raised by An An. They blame this matter to An An’s head."

"Of course, I know that this is not An An’s fault. I just afraid that Xiaoxue would see An An, and her emotions were excited. She was not good at her body."

"Jiang Xue’s bad health was caused by her. It deserved her herself. This woman killed your daughter alive for a house! I still think about the school district room, dream!"

Brother stood up excitedly and looked at his father in shock,

"Dad, how do you say this kind of words, even if you want to protect An An, you shouldn’t slander Xiaoxue like this. She is my wife. I don’t know what kind of person she is?"

"Brother, do you really know Jiang Xue? Maybe you know Jiang Xue, but do you know her family again?"

"Do you know, she deliberately miscarried herself, and then married to pudding."

As I said, I took out the computer and put the monitoring screen in front of my brother.

Brother is confused first

Looking at the screen, his brows frowned, and his pupils gradually enlarged.

When he saw Jiang Xue falling to the ground, his brother shook his hand and pointed at the screen.

"No, impossible, where did you come from this video, is it forged?"

I hate iron and steel to look at my brother

"Brother, this was taken by my monitoring in Cat Fangan. How can I have such a big ability to forge the surveillance video!"

After my brother listened, he got up and had to go back to the hospital to find Jiang Xue to ask clearly. I hurriedly stopped him.

"Brother, it’s so late, go tomorrow, tomorrow, our family will go together."

My brother ignored me, pushed me away and rushed to the hospital.

The next morning, I opened the door and shouted my mother as usual, but saw that my father ran to me than "Hush".

Following my dad’s gesture, I saw my brother curled up on the sofa.

My brother usually looks tall, but at this moment, like a frightened kitten, he curled up in the middle of the sofa.

Near lunch, my brother woke up from the sofa. I found out that my brother’s left face blushed and swollen, and a few fingers could be seen on it.


"Jiang Xue hit you?"

I pointed at the red hand print on his face and asked,

My brother nodded, pretending to be relaxed,

"It was her beating. I asked her yesterday. She didn’t relax at first, and she didn’t admit it."

"Later, I told her that there was monitoring in the room, she became angry and slapped my face."

"I have divorced her, and when she went out of the hospital, she went to go through the formalities. If she did not agree, I would go to the court to litter."

After hearing a divorce, the whole family was relieved, but then worried again.

The Jiang Xue family is not good at each other. Divorce, the Jiang family must have made a noise.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the hospital to call -Jiang Xue committed suicide …

When we hurried to the ward, we found that Jiang Xue was lying on the hospital bed without suicide.

Seeing us, Jiang Xue immediately took a small knife with a fruity, and he had to cut it on his wrist.

Jiang Mu was standing aside, and he was about to stop. The two sang and performed a suicide drama.

My brother looked at all this expressionlessly, and said coldly:

"Don’t make trouble, no matter how you make trouble, this marriage is to be separated."

As soon as Jiang’s mother heard this, she didn’t worry about Jiang Xue’s suicide, and immediately dropped Jiang Xue and rushed over to hit my brother.

Dad’s eyes were fast, and he stepped forward to stop the Jiang mother,

"What? Do you think our Lin family is bullying? Still want to do it?"

Mother Jiang couldn’t beat people, sitting on the ground with one ass,

"Oh, how hard my life is, your Lin family killed my grandchildren, and now we have to force us to divorce.

After her noise, a lot of people who watched the lively at the door of the ward, they were pointing to us.

Seeing this, I immediately opened the ward door, pulled out the computer, and put the monitoring picture in front of everyone.

"Everyone came to see. This is my sister -in -law Jiang Xue. Her family threatened our family for the school house."

"Our family did not promise to give her a house, she deliberately had a miscarriage for herself. Now the child has not kept it, and we have come to plant us."

The crowds turned around and began to blame Jiang Xue’s family.

Mother Jiang was anxious, got up from the ground, pulled my computer, and fell heavily on the wall.

Then yell at the crowd of the crowd,

"What to see, what to see, look at the eyes of your eyes, and roll me quickly."

Seeing that it can’t be splashed, Jiang Xue pretended to be weak, lying on the bedside,

"Lin Pingping, I marry you for five years and wait for you like a nanny. Do you really have to divorce because of this child? Do you don’t care at all?"

My brother nodded heavy,

"Jiang Xue, you know how this child is pregnant."

"I have been preparing for pregnancy for more than a year, and you have been secretly taking contraceptives, do you really think I don’t know?"

Jiang Xue’s face suddenly turned blue and white,

"I didn’t take any contraceptive pills, of course, this child was working hard!"

"I admit that I am confused this time, but I have now realized my mistakes, and we will still have children in the future."

Brother Qiang held up his tears and looked at Jiang Xue disappointed,

"You are still lied to me. If I hadn’t told you this school district, would you break the contraceptive pill, do you want to get pregnant?"

"This child is your bargaining chip, the bargaining chips you fish, and I am also a tool for your family to make money. If you marry me over the years, I have to respond to you. What else is there any dissatisfaction?"

"For a house, the child who has been over for more than three months has been flowing alive, and you want to have a future with me? Are you equipped with a mother? You should confess to the children who flow off for a lifetime."


My parents and I took a breath at the same time. No wonder my brother was pregnant for more than a year.

Jiang Xue’s emotions rushed, and they ran from the bed to the brother, and slapped her brother’s face and body randomly.

"Lin Pingping, I have admitted mistakes

What do you want me? Don’t think that I will be afraid of you. I tell you that even if I divorce, there are a lot of people waiting to marry me."

"Aren’t you going to divorce? Go today, who will not leave who grandson!"

Jiang mother kept pulling Jiang Xue’s clothes, but was ignored by Jiang Xue.

In the afternoon of the same day, his brother and Jiang Xue quickly went to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce.

The property of the two of them is very simple. My brother is a small staff member. Jiang Xue has not been out of work since preparing for pregnancy, and the two of them have no deposit.

As for the large flat layer they live in now, I bought the full amount by my parents, and wrote the name of the elder brother. Jiang Xue could not be divided.

She also answered my dad’s words, and she really rolled out of my house.

After solving my brother, the school district house finally finished the formalities, and I started to decorate.

But the decoration master told me that during the decoration of the house, there was always a woman who was suspicious around the house, and sometimes went to the house to point out their decoration.

The decoration master was impatient and refuted, refuted,

"This house is not yours, do you need to say three or four?"

That woman turned her waist and said straightforwardly

"I am the master of this house. I have to listen to me here."

Later, the master called the security guard to get the woman away.

After I checked the monitoring, I realized that this crazy woman was Jiang Xue.

But the security guard was awesome, and she never appeared again.

On New Year’s Day this year, my school district room was finally decorated.

On this day of movement, I called my parents and brother to celebrate together.

When he invited his brother, he asked me if I could bring a friend, and my parents and I immediately understood.

Since his brother’s divorce, he has been living in pain and shadow.

It wasn’t until some time ago that the family introduced him to a blind date, and his brother slowly came out of the shadow of the divorce.

Brother’s blind date is Shi Minmin, a primary school teacher, and because he has been injured in feelings, he has been single.

When my brother brought Sister Minmin, he solemnly announced to us that Sister Minmin was his girlfriend. When I heard this, my parents and my parents were happy.

When the family ate lively, the doorbell rang.

When I opened the door, the person who came was Jiang Xue. She stood outside the door, her hair was scattered, and her eyes kept looking at the house.

"Why are you here? I don’t welcome you here."

Jiang Xue held his fist tightly and stared at me fiercely,

"It’s all because of you, it’s all because of this room

Son, I divorced it peacefully."

"I have to become like this now, all worship you, why can you enjoy it in my house."

I ignore Jiang Xue’s vicious eyes, and just talk directly to my lower words,

"I won’t go to call the police anymore."

After speaking, I would close the door. Who knew that Jiang Xue didn’t know where the strength came from, clasped the door handle, and squeezed it in.


The family who was eating was stunned and looked at the door together.

After seeing Jiang Xue, my brother quickly took Sister Minmin behind him.

Jiang Xue looked at everything in front of him,

"Lin Pingping, you have divorced me for only half a year, so you marry again?"

"Is this fox seduce you, so you have to divorce me."

"You bitch, all because of you!"

Jiang Xue cursed and pulled out a sharp blade from his pocket, and waved in front of his brother and Sister Min Min.

Brother hurriedly stabbed Jiang Xue’s hands. Who knew that Jiang Xue bit his left hand against his brother. The brother had a pain and let go of Jiang Xue, leaving a deep blood mark on his arms.

Seeing this, I quickly dialed 110. I did not expect that at this time Jiang Xue had no restraint, and immediately rushed to Sister Minmin with a blade.

At the moment, my brother blocked his body in front of Minmin.

The sharp blade cut through the clothes, and the brother’s back was also drawn a long mouth.

Jiang Xue did not succeed, and wanted to continue to attack Sister Minmin. Fortunately, Dad responded in time, kicked Jiang Xue’s legs, and took the opportunity to capture the blade in her hand.

At this time, the security guards in the community also arrived. They tied Jiang Xue to the police station.

In the hospital, my brother was lying weak on the bed, and Sister Minmin on the side accused the brother of blame.

"Do you know how dangerous is it just now? That blade is so sharp, you can’t block it with your body next time, but you have to scare me to death."

My brother looked at Sister Minmin with a spoiled face,

"I’m not okay, the doctor said, skin trauma."

Seeing this, I retreated from the room silently and came to the police station and saw Jiang’s mother begging the police.

"Police officer, ask you, let my daughter, she is not intentional."

The entangled police officer smashed away Jiang’s hand,

"Your daughter is injured in the room. This is a crime. It is useless to ask me. I might as well ask if the person she injured is willing to reconcile."

The police said that he pointed at me. Jiang’s mother saw me and hurriedly bowed to me in front of me.

"An An, look at your brother and Xiaoxue for so many years of husband and wife

Just let Xiaoxue go."

I snorted coldly,

"Let her go? Then my brother should be cut by the blade? He is still lying in the hospital now."

"We don’t accept reconciliation, we will judge how to judge!"

Who knows that Jiang’s "fluttering" and kneeled in front of me,

"Xiaoxue has been in bad mind since she divorced. In the past, the mistakes were bad. I was not good at being a mother. You can do it well."

I ignored her begging and gave it to the lawyer with all the matter.Later, the lawyer told me that the Jiang family provided Jiang Xue’s evidence of mental illness. The court also sentenced Jiang Xue to 60,000 yuan for this reason.

Later, I heard that the Jiang family sent Jiang Xue to a psychiatric hospital in other provinces. Their family gradually disappeared into my horizon.

In the new year of the Lantern Festival, my brother happily held Sister Minmin and announced the news of their marriage.

Seeing the sweetness of my brother and Sister Minmin, I remembered the scene of the first time when I remembered six years ago when I took Jiang Xue home for the first time.

At that time, Jiang Xue also walked into our house with his brother’s arm.

She is understanding, well -behaved and considerate, and her parents and I like her very much.

However, when is it, Jiang Xue has become this sour look now.

"An An, what do you want?"

My mother interrupted my thoughts. I looked at my brother and the future sister -in -law who was laughing and a happy face, and lifted the juice in front of me:

"Brother, the future sister -in -law, I wish you a long time and harmonious feelings!"


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