Yang, what are the symptoms?The fat girl has experienced it in person, share it with you!

Don’t be afraid, I guess it is.Which throat in the morning is particularly painful, just like my childhood cold, sometimes the cough is so painful, I dare not cough hard, I am afraid that my throat will break!The legs and feet feel a little bit sore!Which waist is as sore as in the middle of pregnancy, and it feels very cold slowly. The head is stuffy. As long as you feel the head of your head, the body temperature is low. Don’t be afraid at this time. Remember to drink more warm water.Pay attention to the temperature of the body. If you are more than 38.5 ° C, you need to drink antipyretics. Remember to drink more warm water and eat more food with VC to supplement nutrition. Do not do strenuous exercise!(Remember)

I always feel a cold no matter what.The difference is not large.There have been symptoms of severe colds before.Anyway, I feel that the problem is not very big. My main symptoms now are sore legs and feet, and my appetite can eat and drink normally. I also particularly like spicy Xiaomi spicy.It still has a little influence. I don’t want to move laziness. If things are forced to do yourself, it is a word that can be done. If you do it, you can’t do it if you don’t do it.Cough, sore the next day, with a little fever, it is no problem, it is the same as normal people.Drink plenty of water.Anyway, I feel.The problem is not big, but what I am more worried about is that I still have two children at home.I would rather be proud and unwilling to get them. They are not easy to bring after they are young.Come on, come on!If you do n’t have to panic, you do n’t have to panic and do n’t need to prepare?Just have a normal heart to treat it. Don’t make yourself. Like mental illness, taking medicine is just to alleviate the main ones in front of you. Relying on our own resistance, so don’t rely too much on the medicine.Use your own resistance to hit the virus!

Okay, don’t say it!I hope everyone is the same as before, see you next time!

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