Yi Nengjing took a family portrait in Thailand, with a large waist and small waist and small abdomen, with three babies, 6 -year -old rice grains exposed their face first

Yi Nengjing and Qin Hao’s couples have broke the news in the past two years, especially on marriage problems. Frequent marriage changes, sister and brother love is not optimistic.But no matter how the outside world argues, the parties are unable to change, but they do not justify their clarifications. Live their own small days, and the family of three is happy and sweet.

Recently, the goddess Yi Nengjing updated the video through social accounts, showing out the family portrait of Thailand tourism, and seeing a warm and loving picture, which caused a lot of onlookers and heated discussions.The feelings and love between direct calls can’t hide, and the rumors on the side are not in harmony with their feelings. It turns out that people are good. Everyone is scattered.

From the perspective of the screen, the group not only played well, but also left memories for this journey. You can taste and feel it.Yi Nengjing is particularly eye -catching.

She was wearing Thai clothes, and her aura was very powerful. She had a sense of self -confidence in her head, and her Thai makeup was even more different from the goddess we knew.He took his family to take a family portrait at the well -known attraction in Thailand, leaving a unique commemoration.

However, it seems that Thai makeup and shapes are not suitable for gentle and confident Yi Nengjing. The whole person looks particularly weird and awkward. It is especially old. It looks a lot blessed.The neck looks thick and his arms are strong, like changing a man’s body.

The gap with the frozen age goddess we know is very different, and she can’t see her high value at all.Especially the small abdomen rises, it looks full of pregnancy, like a pregnant mother, who is questioned by netizens if she is pregnant with 3 babies, so that they will suddenly be so thick.It is completely incompatible with the goddess.

There is a reason why everyone is so doubtful.Earlier, Ineng had 3 babies on the Internet, including showing a show with her mother -in -law. There was also a thirst for 3 babies in the lines, and she was attached to the child.Even if her husband disagreed with her mother -in -law, she thought safely for her, but she did not dispel her thoughts. After that, she was frequently passed on.

Therefore, now she suddenly makes so many blessings, and her belly looks more obvious. It can make a lot of doubts like pregnant mothers.However, this is only speculated at present, and it is not real hammer, but what is the truth, I believe time can give us the answer.

In addition to Yi Nengjing, the focus is on the 6 -year -old daughter rice grain.Unconsciously, I have grown up a lot, and I have reached my mother’s chin. It is estimated that I can’t be short in the future.Because of the family portrait of Thailand this time, she exposed her face for the first time and became the focus of public discussion.

Everyone knows that from the birth of the daughter’s rice grain, Yi Nengjing put all his thoughts on her, giving all care and petting, and more protection for her daughter. As she grew up, even if she took pictures, she had to make her face mosaic orThe cartoon drawing is covered, and she does not expose her face value at all, and she has not exposed her face.

Unexpectedly, the face was exposed under the high shot this time. The rice grains in the photo have been settled in tall beautiful girls, wearing light blue tops, wearing rose glasses.It seems that the skin is exquisite, and the smile is particularly eye -catching. The face value is very high, which inherited the family memory.

Especially compared with grandma, as if copying and paste, the eyebrows and face are particularly similar, and they are evaluated by netizens like grandma.I have to lament the strength of Qin Hao’s gene, so that Xiaomi grains will be inherited to a good gene, which can be called a counterattack.Although at the stage of teeth, it still does not affect the face value.

Now watching Yi Nengjing Qinhao, only envy.So don’t focus on the marriage of the two, they are happy now.In addition, Yineng Jingzhang has a high business and intelligence, and he will definitely run his own marriage. He has been happy with Qin Hao and his children for a long time. Do you say it?

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