You can find a good feeling and establish a self -image through pregnancy

It is decided that the child is a milestone of a couple in life.Two people want a child together to issue a statement to their feelings.The child shows that the couple are together as one, intimate.When the relationship between the two has established a relationship and cultivated love, they create a new life.The acquisition of the intimate relationship between love has made them willing to move forward, promote them to move forward, and create the future together.Giveting a child also means moving forward and their confidence in life and growth.The birth of the child not only shows that the two of them are one, but also change the quality of their love -that is, just as the intimacy requires a person to grow up, the baby also reflects a change of growth, update and development.

Focusing on the subject of dependence of the couple, pregnancy has issued many special issues.For example, they can predict that babies are dependent, and they will be weak for children and need to care about their actual experience.Mother and father are challenging in terms of gender contact information.A mother will worry about whether she can fully meet her needs, and a father will also focus on whether he can become a good supporter.Although the birth of a baby must also perform a certain biological responsibility, both husband and wife must also perform certain biological responsibilities, as soon as the child is born in our society, the equality of the child’s arrangement is immediately broken.The relationship between women who raise children and her children are very different from men.Compared with the relationship between mothers and children and father and children, there is an imbalance in contact, understanding and intimacy.Taking care of children as a common experience will be unknowingly separated from this direction, because the affairs of raising children actually fall on women, and men are behind or hiding somewhere behind them.Women spend their main time on children. They learn to understand the meaning of children’s various crying meaning. Women are people relying on young children.The dependence of children is so strong that the child has a transfer of dependence power that exists among couples before birth.

For many women, they are self -respect, achievement, self -confidence and self -esteem with their pregnancy.Women may no longer need to seek some affirmation from her husband.Her self -image changed.She found a good self -feeling through pregnancy.Many women report that they feel more dependent on her husband during pregnancy.They felt a little fragile and began to feel responsible for the new life in their belly.In the face of this primary new responsibility, they are more clearly realized that they need to rely on and trust.Some men have found that this time is very good for them.Because of taking care of their wives, they felt further participating in the fertility process.They are glad that pregnant women need them to take care of them.This may be one of the few moments that men can experience their own desire and abilities.The man who felt that taking care of his wife was just taking care of future babies.It is impossible for him to feel a new life from his body, and he needs a woman to contribute to the two to make him participate in the natural breeding process during pregnancy.Some men are embarrassed in the face of the dependence of their wife’s pregnancy.They will be afraid of her needs unconsciously, and they will feel uncomfortable with the situation of terrible imagination.They may feel that her enhanced dependence and the future -dependent dependence of the future children control him or put him in trouble.With the birth of the child, there is the opportunity to take care of the child directly.At this time, he was directly approaching the child, and there would be no frustration that was rejected outside the door.

Once a family of two people, with a third member, an obvious dependent, this is a dramatic change.The birth of the child not only changed the emotional atmosphere that the couple lived in it. The child also brought new content to the lives of both parents. The couple must respond to the child’s dependence needs in his or her own way.Dependence is exactly the topic we want to discuss.Because the couple developed a new relationship with their newborns that rely entirely on their newborn, they re -coordinated their dependence on each other exactly the topic we were going to discuss.Because the couple developed a new relationship with their newborns who completely rely on their newborns, they re -coordinated their dependence on each other.In the previous chapter, we pointed out the significance of this kind of joint responsibility and its impact on the state of dependence and emotional life and psychological life.This is because in the past most of the time we have to rely on our mother to raise (especially the first year of life), and in general, this is still the actual situation of most families today. We are here here.It describes the impact of the state of dependence in the family of mother raising children.

Due to the different demand for women and men’s emotional dependence, and because women are raised by children and children, we can see a series of defects of our social system on childbirth.This is because women who are mothers usually feel their emotional self -emotional self. They are so eager for emotional nutrition. As a result, they only expect the children to fill this gap.This "unhealthy" dynamics is formed in our social structure.After all, when women were still a girl, the education they suffered made her think that only her mother would be considered her life.Society also believes that the most important period in each woman’s life comes with the marriage and the birth of children in the future.Her marriage can meet her dependence needs to some extent.But most women were disheartened by marriage.In the end, the dream and care of someone’s love and care will eventually break.Even in a happy marriage, the equal emotional exchanges, recognition and love of women seeking in a happy marriage are not enough.A newborn can make women happy and proud, because it proves that she can create something valuable -a perfect, beautiful, and healthy baby from her body.This baby immediately became a symbol of her self -worth.This baby can become her own extension of her own life.

As we know, a first -born child does not have a fixed personality -the child who studied the step at about two years old would show himself and fight for their independence and autonomy.In the first few months of the baby’s development, the baby was with a woman at all time. This woman has reached the point where her baby is regarded as her only thing -the baby is the only power and control that the baby can have some power and controlPeople and places.Psychological theory always blames all our mental cases on mothers, but this is only to complain about such a society. It limits women to expand her own and other aspects of life.It is not the mothers to blame.Mothers are trying their best to complete their own social roles.What surprises people is that people are still trying to experience the sense of loss and depression that women experience.Women are angry and frustrated, and they feel empty, worthless and inferior, but they do everything possible to pour all love, care, protection, and nurturing all on their children.

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