You need to know a few things when you prepare for pregnancy. Do you know?

Children are the crystallization of parents. I believe that many people want to have a baby earlier, so we need to know how to be pregnant with a baby.If the expectant parents have done a prenatal examination, then the expectant parents will perform "making people". This process is called preparing for pregnancy.Generally, symptoms of pregnancy, expectant parents will buy a pregnancy test stick to detect pregnancy, so you need to know these things to use the pregnancy test stick, and expectant parents need to understand.

Preparatory checks are necessary, and you can know whether expectant parents are suitable for pregnancy.After conception, expectant mothers will have a series of pregnancy reactions. The general period of presence is ten days after pregnancy.Let’s detect the reaction of this day.Of course, the response of early pregnancy is uncomfortable, but you do n’t need to be careful. After three months of pregnancy, you usually disappear. Do n’t be afraid to face normal pregnancy. This shows that the fetus is healthy!

well, let’s get back to business.Before using the pregnancy test stick, we must first know what the pregnancy test stick is?The pregnancy test stick is used to test whether the expectant mothers are pregnant.Can the expectant parents be used for self -examination within 24 hours after the same room?It is okay to use, but the credibility is not high. It is best to conduct a self -test after the same room after the same room. At this time, the credibility will be relatively high.It shows that there is no pregnancy, because the successful value detected by the pregnancy test stick is about 85%to 95%.It is best to use the pregnancy test stick in two weeks after menopause, which will be more accurate!

Use the pregnancy test stick for testing, it is best to use the first urine in the morning, because the hormone level is the easiest to detect at this time. Do not drink too much water. This will affect the test lazy!By testing the pregnancy test stick, you can detect the HGG value in the mother’s body. If the value meets the standard of pregnancy, the two bars that will be displayed on the pregnancy test will show that it is pregnant.If there is only one line, there is no. If there is two shallow lines on the pregnancy inspection stick, it may make the expectant mothers who don’t understand it. Is this pregnant or not?Its experimental pregnancy sticks will be shown in a deeper and shallow, which is just that it is possible and is not accurate. It is best to detect it again the next day or repeatedly detecting it!If there is no diameter within 5 minutes on the pregnancy test stick, it means that the expectant mothers have failed to use and need to be re -.But the result of the pregnancy test stick is not 100%, so go to the hospital for examination, so as to determine whether you are pregnant!

We are here, I still hope that you can fulfill your dreams.Because it is a very amazing thing to bred a life, there are sweet and sour and bitter, which requires them to know it by themselves. I hope all expectant parents will go well!There are good pregnancy!

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