Yunnan’s two -year -old junior high school children fall in love and cause pregnancy.

Wang Qiang and Zhu Ling were a pair of junior high school students. They met in a small town in Yunnan and started a relationship.Their love did not get anyone’s blessings, especially their parents, they opposed this relationship.However, Wang Qiang and Zhu Ling believed that their love was true, and they walked together firmly.No matter how their parents oppose, or they promise their parents on the surface, the two have broken up, or they no longer come, but the two of them still quietly come and go, or carry his parents together.Even quietly ran outside the school to open the clock to order the room.

Unfortunately, Zhu Ling was pregnant soon, which shocked both children and their families.Wang Qiang’s parents and Zhu Ling’s parents began to discuss how to solve this problem.They decided to let Zhu Ling kill the child, but this requires a certain amount of fees.Wang Qiang’s parents paid 5,000 yuan of tire costs and the cost of fetal compensation for 25,000 yuan to Zhu Ling’s parents.This decision made Wang Qiang and Zhu Ling very painful, but they knew that they could not let this child come to this world because they were not ready to be parents.

This incident has a profound impact on them, and they begin to reflect on their behavior and realize their mistakes.Under the criticism and education of teachers and parents, they realized that their behavior was irresponsible.They stopped falling in love and returned to school to study.They work hard and hope to have a better future.Although they have stopped in love, their feelings have not disappeared.They still care about each other and support each other in school.They know that their lives are not easy, but as long as they work hard, they can overcome any difficulties.

A few years later, they were all admitted to college.They pursued their dreams and achieved great success in their studies.Their family and teachers are also proud of them.Although they were not together, their love still existed.They believe that at some time in the future, they will find real happiness and be with the people they love.

This incident tells us that love is beautiful, but we also need to be responsible for the lives of ourselves and others.When facing difficulties and setbacks, we need to bravely reflect on our mistakes and strive to correct them.Only in this way can we have a better future and realize our dreams.At the same time, we must tell us that our children must not fall in love early, and there is a problem that we must face the child’s early love correctly or calmly.To communicate with your children a lot, there is also a proper understanding of the child’s inner thoughts.Give your child the harm of early love or the hazards of early love, and try not to let the child have early love.

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