Zeng Yinyanoma has a miscarriage, and I am afraid of repeating the same mistakes again. At a critical moment, TCM extend a helping hand in Chinese medicine

Uterine fibroids are a high incidence of women. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that uterine fibroids are the category of "瘕瘕". The cause of the cause can be summarized as qi stagnation and blood stasis, phlegm and damp stasis, damp heat stasis and kidney deficiency blood stasis.According to clinical observations, those who have uterine fibroids grow up with the embryo after pregnancy, and fibroids will increase accordingly. Those who suffer from uterine fibroids will have the risk of premature and abortion.Usually, patients can find uterine fibroids before pregnancy, and Chinese medicine can be used to eliminate fibroids before pregnancy. This is the safest; but some larger fibroids need to eliminate long time and age.Or if the fibroids do not increase for the time being, you can get pregnant first, and you need to be tire after pregnancy to prevent and reduce abortion.

I used to have a patient with a uterine fibroids. I have experienced abortion. Now I am pregnant again, I am afraid that the abortion of the uterine fibroids will be caused again, so I will not dare to get pregnant.Later, the patient decided to treat it in Chinese medicine.Patients come to the diagnosis of time: Seeing vaginal bleeding for 2 days, her face is dull, her lips are dark, dizziness, dizziness, pale, dry, nausea and vomiting, anti -acid water, left abdomen and pain, Poor urine, twice at night, lighter tongue, thin and white moss, smooth pulse strings, sinking ruler, dialectic discrimination as kidney deficiency and blood stasis, treating the kidney and strengthening the spleen, and nourishing qi and tires.

This patient’s pathogenesis is kidney deficiency, and kidney deficiency is mainly kidney yang deficiency.The kidney yang is insufficient, the rushing is not solid, and small production and sliding tires are prone to occur.Clinical treatment should be prevented by preventing miscarriage.Qi can travel blood, blood is warming, yang qi is deficient, weak gasification, and the effect of heat production decreases. "Insufficient qi is cold."EssenceAfter the tire is stable, the tire is the second step.Fang Yisi, continuous break, mulberry parasitic fixing kidney and tires; dry ginger, cinnamon to warm the kidney yang, and the general is painful;Shouwu, Baiyi, Ejiao, Ai Leaf supplementing blood to stop bleeding, nourishing blood and bleeding; Perilla sirles, amomum -to -spleen to wake up the stomach, and to stop vomiting; Cistanche to nourish the kidney yang, and can moisturize the intestines and dispel scars., Warm the kidneys and spleen, nourish qi and fetuses.Make tires solid and smoothly produced.After treatment, patients with nausea and vomiting were significantly improved, the quality of sleep was improved, and no vaginal hemorrhage was seen. Many examinations saw the fetal stability and eventually produced smoothly.

Although uterine fibroids are benign tumors, for women, the harm is still relatively large. If it is not intervened in time, it may cause serious consequences.In this regard, the treatment of Chinese medicine can improve the patient’s immunity, thereby enhancing the ability of anti -tumor, and some Chinese medicine also has a direct anti -tumor effect.Especially for patients with poor constitution, anti -tumor treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc., then you can choose Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine for treatment.

Finally, patients with uterine fibroids must maintain a good mentality to avoid excessive tension and emotional fluctuations.Secondly, you need to pay attention to your diet. Do not eat spicy foods, as well as hair products such as seafood, beef and mutton; there are also drugs that do not take hormones at will, especially contraceptives.

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