Zhang Bichen responded to the left ear deafment: It has nothing to do with pregnancy, and it is really not easy to give birth to a daughter alone.

In January last year, Zhang Bichen and Hua Chenyu announced that the two had a daughter. Zhang Bichen said that the two had loved each other. She became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter in the case of Hua Chenyu.The voice would assume the responsibility of his father, and the news attracted the attention of the entire network as soon as the news came out.

Although the birth of the child has not become a driving force for the two to love each other, after negotiating, the two have decided to take the responsibility of their parents.I thought the matter had been successfully resolved, and I did not expect that there was no wave of waves.There are constant black powder broke the news, and Zhang Bichen’s production timeline was picked up, saying that she was suspected of surrogacy, and she was not produced in person!

In the face of a large number of black materials, Zhang Bichen’s friends took a pregnant photo a few days ago, denied Zhang Bichen’s surrogacy, and scolded the rumor black powder: never thought that a mother needed to send pregnancy photos to prove that she had giving birth.

In the picture, Zhang Bichen was pregnant with a pregnant belly, his face was lying on the bed, and the stomach was also equipped with a monitoring instrument. His eyes were closed tightly and inhaled oxygen.In another photo, she seemed to be producing shortly after she was holding a sweet smile with a newborn baby, showing a happy smile, happy to the camera, cute and warm.

Many netizens rushed to the comment area lamenting, "Mom is really not easy!" "Great mother!" The friend not only broke the rumors of surrogacy, but also once again scolded the black powder.Unexpectedly, the fans on both sides were in the comment area and accused each other.

Immediately afterwards, netizens picked up Zhang Bichen’s left ear deaf.In the background interview with the Spring Festival movie "The Demon Children of Nezha", she said that her left ear was injured and deaf, resulting in a long time recording of the song.

After multiple treatment, Zhang Bichen’s left ear recovery is still not optimistic.When participating in the recording of "The Voice of God", she mentioned it again in the show: "My ears are broken, no ear returns can help to hear the sound on the stage." For a singer, this blow is undoubtedly very big.of.

Netizens have speculated whether the left ear deaf is caused by production?After all, production is very harmful to women. This sequelae does exist. Attentive netizens immediately opened the timeline. I did not expect that it was Zhang Bichen’s production at this time.

On the evening of June 23, Zhang Bichen had to post again, saying that "the left ear has nothing to do with pregnancy." Instead, he accidentally injured his ears when he used the spoon of the springs.EssenceThe studio then reposted Weibo to call on everyone to focus on things that are more worthy of attention, and pay more attention to Zhang Bichen’s music works.

At the same time, netizens have picked up more details of Zhang Bichen during pregnancy. After reading it, I can’t help but lament "Zhang Bichen is really not easy!".

Previously, friends revealed that Zhang Bichen was produced in only 33 weeks of pregnancy, and normal pregnancy took 37 to 40 weeks. The child born was a full-moon baby. This baby was relatively healthy and the body’s function was well developed.Because of premature birth, the baby weighs only 1.76 kg, which is twice lighter than the normal newborn.

In order to take care of the baby, the hardships paid by the mother are unimaginable by ordinary people. Zhang Bichen revealed that she gave birth to her daughter alone, so her daughter has taken care of by herself since she was a child.It is very healthy and cute, exactly like his father Hua Chenyu when he was a child.

In fact, in addition to the hard work of raising the baby, Zhang Bichen still had appendicitis during pregnancy. As we all know, the pain caused by appendicitis is unbearable. In addition, with her daughter in the belly at this time, the operation is definitely more dangerous.Zhang Bichen’s fans later said that Zhang Bichen pushed the job at the time and underwent appendicitis surgery.

In the earlier show, Zhang Bichen had been pregnant for a few months at this time, and she was very slender.Attentive netizens found that Zhang Bichen had a discomfort several times, and looked disgusting to vomit. Sitting in the position kept looking for water and drinking. It looked very anxious.Essence

Zhang Bichen made his debut through "Good Voice of China". With his beautiful appearance and unique voice, he became popular. He has won many OST of the film and television drama. He has a good career. At this time, choosing to be pregnant alone has great courage.

During the pregnancy, Zhang Bichen also released a Weibo dynamic, saying that he said his life situation, saying "don’t bother to others". At this time, she is not in good condition.Thinking about it, the pressure behind her may be greater than we think.

Single mothers had to bear greater fertility pressure. Zhang Bichen not only affected the continuous public opinion attacks, but did not expect to silently bear various physical discomfort, it was really distressing!Zhang Bichen gave birth to a lovely daughter after pregnancy, and it was also the best comfort that this relationship brought about.

I hope that everyone is more kind to give children a healthy and quiet childhood.

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