Zhang Lan questioned Da S’s fake pregnancy. After 20 days, he was confirmed that he said nothing, and Gesqi became a god assisted

Zhang Lan was not a star, but in the past six months, her popularity has not lost any popular star. At the same time, Zhang Lan also deeply appreciated what "people are red and wrong."

Zhang Lan has been in the catering industry for more than 30 years, but in recent years, she has become a live broadcast of a live broadcast. She thought she would become Xiaobai after cross -border cross -border. However, soon Zhang Lan became the leader in the live broadcast field.

Zhang Lan’s live broadcast business has been related to her former daughter -in -law big S. Since the end of 2022, Big S has revealed that after Wang Xiaofei did not fulfill his duties on the Internet, the farce of the two sides officially broke out. That is really your party.Singing me on the stage, very lively.

During this period, Zhang Lan saw Wang Xiaofei repeatedly suffered, but for his mother, but how could he see his son suffering. Zhang Lan staged the momentum of a hundred enemies. During this period, he was angry.Ge Si, Gu Junyu and others.

Although Zhang Lan was hot, it was also accompanied by a lot of controversy. Many keyboard heroes talked about Zhang Lan.

Many people even said that in order to traffic, Zhang Lan often placed the words in the live broadcast room without blocking. In fact, this is not the case. Zhang Lan is not a person who has a traffic flow, nor does it have no mouth.

The Internet has memory. Before Big S took the initiative to expose Wang Xiaofei various things, even if he had divorced Wang Xiaofei, Zhang Lan did not take the initiative to take the popularity of big S. Whenever someone asked Zhang Lan how Zhang Lan looked at the big view, he looked at the big view of the big view.S, Zhang Lan is a praise, but because of the big S spitting Wang Xiaofei, Zhang Lan couldn’t bear it to tear the big S.

Zhang Lan did say a lot of amazing words in the live broadcast room. At first, many people did not believe it, but after a period of inspection, they found out that what Zhang Lan said was not false.

Recently, there is a case that once again proves Zhang Lan’s personality charm and character. This matter has a certain relationship with Huang Zijiao. Gesqi has also become her god of assistance.

On June 19th, Huang Zijiao revealed the past that many stars couldn’t bear to look back, especially the sisters of s sisters were exposed to XD.

On the third day after the Huang Zijiao incident was fermented, Big S was exposed to a big melon, that is, the rumor of pregnancy was exposed. How could pregnant people xd XD?Treating the fetus is also extremely unhealthy.

What makes people even more unexpected is that the Korean media also revealed the news of big S pregnancy, and also showed that the other party was pregnant for 9 months, especially the big S did not show up in public for a long time. The rumors of pregnancy made many people believe that many people believe itIt’s right.

Soon, I was curious to go to Zhang Lan’s live broadcast room to find the answer. Zhang Lan said that the big S could not get pregnant. The reason why she was pregnant was to transfer the media and the outside world. At that time, Zhang Lan’s remarks were also suffering.In doubt, after all, Big S did not live with her. How can she know if she is pregnant?

Nowadays, the incident has been in the past 20 days. I did not expect that Zhang Lan and Ge Siqi, the old enemies, "conflict across the net" again, but the final ending of the matter also confirmed that 20 days ago, Zhang Lan’s remarks in the live broadcast room were not nonsense.

The cause of the incident was that Zhang Lan’s connotation in the live broadcast was that Junye had run away and returned to South Korea. At the same time, he revealed why Jun Jun should leave bald heads because he was afraid that others would hold his hair for testing.

You must know that when Ge Junye had a black hair when he was young, even if he was older, he would not always retain the shape of the bald head. Therefore, Zhang Lan’s connotation exposed materials have attracted widespread attention.

In the face of Zhang Lan’s consequences of Jun Jun, Ge Siqi returned to Zhang Lan in time, saying that although Jun Jun was returning to South Korea, he was not running, he just returned to Korea to gather with his friends and so on.

Although in the face of Gu Junjun, Zhang Lan and Ge Si have different views, but through the remarks of the two, they all determined a fact, that is, Ge Junye is not around Da S, but returned to South Korea.

The South Korean media also reported that Big S was pregnant for 9 months last month. Now 20 days have passed, which means that the pelvis is imminent, but Ge Junye, who is a husband, returns to South Korea. Is this possible?

Today, Ge Junxuan is 54 years old. If Da S really has a child for him, it is "old -fashioned". I believe that Ge Jun will be very excited. How can this situation be far away because of visiting relatives and staying away.Child’s wife.

You must know that Ge Junye is always considerate to Big S, and do things like urine feeding rice, so that Xiao S is envious. Now that he has a child now, it is impossible for Ge Junyu to leave Big S.

Now that Jun Junye returns to South Korea, it can only show that Da S is really not pregnant. He was once again said in Zhang Lan. I do n’t know that when he heard that Zhang Lan said that Da S was not pregnant, he questioned those who had questioned her. Now he regrets it?

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