Zhanjiang fully implemented a free marriage check and pregnancy inspection, these people meet the conditions →

This year

Zhanjiang fully implements free pre -marital health examination

Accelerate the establishment

"One -stop" wedding and health medical examination place

There are 22 items for free inspection items

Realize the full coverage of health checks before marriage

Pre -marital examination and pre -pregnancy eugenics

Health inspection "two inspections and one"

In order to comprehensively strengthen pre -marital pre -marital health care and birth defect prevention, and continuously improve the quality of birth population and the health level of women and children, Zhanjiang City has made every effort to promote free marriage examinations on the basis of free pre -pregnancy health examinations, coordinates free pre -marital examinations and pre -pregnancy eugenics health inspection projects, Implement "two inspections and one".

Free inspection items include 22 items such as eugenics health education, medical history inquiry, physical examination, laboratory examination, virus screening, video examination, Mediterranean anemia, and G-6PD deficiency screening, AIDS tests, etc., covering pre-marital examinations and pre-pregnancy eugenics healthInspection stipulates the content of the project, it is performed by the masses’ knowledge. It can also obtain inspection results through the "Guangdong mother and child health E manual" applet and the "Notice of Pre -Marriage Health Inspection Evaluation Suggestions" to facilitate the masses.

Free marriage inspection object, time

One or both parties are registered for the registration of Zhanjiang City or holding a valid "Zhanjiang City Residence Permit". They can enjoy a free pre -marital health examination within 3 months of pregnancy and 3 months of pregnancy.You can continue to enjoy a free pre -pregnancy health examination service for each child.

List of pre -pregnancy check -up service institutions before marriage

How important is marriage check?

Marriage examinations are different from ordinary medical examinations and pregnancy examinations.

The marriage examination is focusing on checking genetic diseases, sexually transmitting diseases, organic diseases of both men and women, and reproductive organs.

The hidden diseases such as genetic diseases and genetic defects of the husband and wife can be found during the marriage examination, and they can be treated early to ensure the health of newborns.Therefore, marriage inspection is also known as the first level of prevention and treatment of birth defects.

History of marriage inspection

In China, the marriage inspection has undergone changes from "compulsory marriage inspections" and "voluntary marriage inspection" to "free marriage inspection".

Mandatory marriage

The earliest system for China ’s compulsory marriage inspection originated from the Mother and Child Health Care Law. Article 12 of the Law stipulates that:“ When both men and women are registered in marriage, they should hold certifications or medical appraisal certificates for marriage. ”

The "Implementation Measures for the Mother and Baby Health Law" was formulated on June 20, 2001. Article 16 stipulates: "In areas where pre -marital medical examinations are implemented, the marriage registration authority shall inspect the pre -marital medical examination certificate or mother when they are registered for marriage registration.Medical appraisal certificate stipulated in Article 11 of the Infant Health Law. "

Voluntary marriage

In view of the problems of inspection projects in the process of compulsory marriage inspections, problems such as irregularities, charges, and disrespect for personal privacy, because of their respect and respect for marriage parties, the newly revised "Marriage Registration Regulations" in 2003 clearly explicitly marry registration no longer no longer when marriage registration is no longer registered.The marriage inspection certificate is required that the marriage inspection has moved from forced to voluntarily.

However, with the decrease of the marriage inspection rate, the incidence of defects in my country has continued to rise.From 2004 to 2018, there were about 900,000 newly born defective cases each year, of which about 250,000 were obviously visible to birth at birth at birth.Marriage checks are self -evident to preventing defects in birth.

Free marriage

During the National Two Sessions in 2021, Zhou Hongyu, a representative of the National People’s Congress, suggested to implement a free marriage inspection.Database.

In October 2021, the Office of the Guangdong Provincial Health and Health Commission, the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, and the Provincial Women’s and Children’s Work Committee jointly issued the "Notice of Coordinating the Pre -Marriage Pre -Marriage Pre -Pre -pregnancy Healthcare Work".The "Notice" mentioned the work goal: By the end of 2022, the province and counties (cities, districts) in Guangdong will fully implement a free pre -marital health examination.For the place of marriage and health medical examination, the pre -marital medical examination rate reached 65%, and the test rate of pre -pregnancy eugenics health reached more than 80%.

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