Zhao Benshan’s daughter is pregnant in March!The baby’s B ultrasound is very excited, and the company is uncomfortable to dissolve the company

Zhao Benshan is a well -known sketch actor and comedy star. His children, as the second generation of the star, are also noticeable. Especially in recent years, the daughter’s ball has chosen to make an Internet celebrity.Zhao Benshan, the father who retired to the second line, has a higher attention.

Some time ago, the ball got a low -key marriage. This was still a big drop with Zhao Benshan’s hundreds of millions of net worth, but the ball revealed that she and her boyfriend did not like lively in the live broadcast, so you choose to get married low -key.

Of course, the outside world has repeatedly legend that Zhao Benshan did not agree with his daughter’s marriage. He hoped that the daughter he loved the most would live happier in the future and marry a good husband who can be worthy of the ball.

Zhao Benshan’s daughter is pregnant in March

On July 17, Zhao Benshan’s 26 -year -old daughter ball was updated on social platforms. She showed a video to share her experience in the hospital for a birth check. She also showed the baby’s B -ultrasound, which attracted countless netizens to watch.

It turns out that the ball has been pregnant for 3 months. From the video, it can be seen that the ball is wearing a loose maternity dress and stepped on a pair of slippers to go to the hospital for a checkup, because she looks swollen throughout her body.Saying that he was "swollen" on her husband, her husband comforted him and said "not swollen."

The ball was on Valentine’s Day on February 14 this year. On the day of Valentine’s Day, he received a marriage certificate with her husband. It was officially married. After receiving the certificate, there was no grand wedding, which was very low -key.

Now after getting married, the young couple will be able to go to the agenda quickly. It seems that they are urgent to enter the role of being a parent, and everything is smooth.

The baby’s b -ultrasound is excited

After returning from the hospital, the ball opened the live broadcast and told her own check -up experience, revealing that she lined up in the hospital for a long time. The test results showed that everything was normal.

The ball also showed the baby’s B -ultrasound. In the picture, you can see that the baby who has been formed for three months has been formed, his head and limbs have grown. Lying in the mother’s belly, it looks very good and loves.

The ball seemed very excited, and sighed in an excited tone. The head of the small ball was really big. The first time the mother was happy and mood, all said that women were born with motherhood.Excitement and pride.

Exposure of pregnancy and uncomfortable company dissolution

It is reported that recently, the ball announced that the dissolution of the company has also reduced the live broadcast. The outside world doubted whether the ball and husband had changed their feelings. After all, the ball was married for such a short time.

There were even online rumors that the ball husband deceived her, and changed the company’s legal person to herself with the ball, and the ball chose to dissolve the company.But now seeing the love of the ball and her husband is still the same, most of the reasons for the dissolution of the company may be because she is not pregnant now.

The mood and anxiety performed during the live broadcast of the ball recently seemed to be exhausted. Some netizens suggested that she go to the hospital for a medical examination, maybe she was pregnant.

Sure enough, the ball of the early pregnancy test confirmed that I was pregnant. The ball was still exposed to the reason for the dissolution of the company in the live broadcast. Because the response in the early pregnancy was very very uncomfortable, the back pain and leg pain, and the vomiting was very severe, especially the live broadcast often needed to often be broadcast.Stay up late, so that the uncomfortable night can’t sleep.

Because such a live broadcast method also hurts her body, she decided to reduce the live broadcast. After Zhao Benshan learned that her daughter had the current condition, she repeatedly asked her daughter to close the company and raise her body well, so she and her husband decided to dissolve the company.

As we all know, Zhao Benshan loves this daughter very much. He often appears in the live broadcast room to stand for his daughter. Nowadays, her daughter chooses to marry a husband who is married to a blind date and knows her husband. She must be very reluctant to marry her hastily.

But after all, blood is thicker than water. No matter what everyone has a persistent longing for love, I also hope that the ball will be happy in life and the baby will be born smoothly.

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