Zhao Benshan’s daughter’s ball announced that she was pregnant, saying that when she knew the news of pregnancy, I felt very anxious

Recently, Zhao Benshan’s daughter ball officially officially announced the wedding of pregnancy through her personal social platform: "The reason for stopping the broadcast, the ball is a mother!" The ball said in the announcement that when he knew the news of pregnancy, he felt very anxious.Later, her mother and friend told her that having a baby in the honeymoon was a very happy thing. She has been pregnant for more than 3 months, and the situation is stable, so I will share this good news with everyone.The news of the pregnancy of the ball has aroused widespread attention and blessing.

On February 14, 2023, on Valentine’s Day, Zhao Benshan’s daughter Zhao Jiaxuan (ball) sent a Weibo officer to marry.On July 16th, Zhao Jiaxuan officially announced her pregnancy.Zhao Jiaxuan was born on February 7, 1997. He is 26 years old. In the eyes of ordinary people, he is suitable for getting married and having children.However, in the entertainment industry, this age is already considered early.The ball has performed with his father Zhao Benshan on the stage of Peking Opera since he was a child.However, the relationship between the ball and Zhao Benshan is not as close as the traditional parent -child relationship, and it is also independent of the pursuit of personal life.The ball and net red partner Sunny once opened a cosplay theme bar, and therefore made many young people.In recent years, the ball has gradually moved towards the entertainment industry with its own efforts.

After the good news of the ball of pregnancy, Zhao Benshan also expressed his own blessings: "Little Lede Li (nickname) is to be a mother, I am happy and happy! Whether it is each other’s affection or the future of the child,We will always be with her. "

For the news of the pregnancy of the ball, many netizens expressed their blessings and also paid attention to the reasons for the anxiety of the ball: it may be because the hormone level in the body will be affected after the female pregnancy, and there may be abnormal endocrine function. At this timeIt may affect the mood of pregnant women, leading to symptoms of irritability; in addition, it may also be because of excessive nervousness or worry about the health of the fetus in the early pregnancy, which may also cause pregnant women to feel irritable and anxious.

The news of the pregnancy of the ball also caused some controversy of netizens. It was thought that pregnancy was her own business. It was good to be happy or anxious, and there was no need to send it out.Everyone’s time is very precious, don’t take up everyone’s time.

However, the ball is just sharing your life as usual.There is no need to be harsh, giving women more tolerant and care.After all, for a woman, pregnant baby is a very happy and hard work.

Even if you are pregnant, you sometimes feel anxious and confused, but share this joy with the dearest person, and believe that you can feel the source of life and the hope of the future.We wish the ball and her family and look forward to the healthy growth of this baby.

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