Zhejiang: Women’s derailment is discovered. No one cares about the mother’s house in the abortion of the jumping building, and the love husband also ran away

"After a few decades, we came to meet and sent it to the crematorium.

Life is like a game. Perhaps more and more people have figured it out, and they have already begun not to cherish their marriage.For example, the woman below wants to find her happiness outside the marriage.

The real story in this issue is what I have seen from a netizen in Zhejiang.

A netizen in Zhejiang appeared in the hospital lobby. When I was wandering, I found that there was a woman playing with a mobile phone in the corridor and inquired about it before discovering that the woman had just jumped off the building and was rescued, and because no one was willing to spend money for her, she covered her in the corridor.Its simplicity bed has fracture legs.

The incident happened in Jinhua, Zhejiang. Although the woman was young, she has been married for many years.Marriage is as usual, and there is no feeling of love before marriage.So the woman decided to find her true happiness and true love.Unconsciously, the woman met a strange man, and the two were in a lot of interest and developed for love relationships.

During this period, the woman enjoyed the care of her husband, and also took care of your husband and me.The two do not interfere with each other, and the woman feels very happy.It ’s just that the good times did not last long. The scandal of the woman’s derailment in her marriage was still known by her husband. The husband called to inform his parents and notified the woman’s family.

The woman is ashamed, a good marriage life is on the verge of shattering, and her reputation is not the past.Forced to be helpless, the woman could only jump off the building and was rescued by 120.Although life is kept, women who have already conceived their children have been aborted after jumping from the building.

Until now, regardless of the woman’s life, the woman’s mother -in -law, because of her ashamed of being ashamed to cut off the relationship with the woman, the love husband escaped without a trace.Fortunately, there are good people who watch the woman’s pitiful, covering a simple bed in the corridor of the hospital, helping the woman to restore the fracture injury on her leg.

At this time, the woman didn’t seem to have the direction of life. She ate a meal and lived a day. It was one day and one day. From time to time, she was lying on the bed and playing with her mobile phone, let alone how to go in the future.

"Poor people must have hate!" Seeing all the experiences of the woman was caused by themselves.Netizens even believe that this is a woman’s crime, and it is completely impossible to blame the woman’s family and mother -in -law.What do you think of what this woman does?

First of all, derailment itself is a behavior that violates the morality of marriage, and the children who are in love make people question the woman’s moral quality.Her choice of jumping from the building caused abortion, which further deepened people’s doubts about her moral choices.Whether she should take on her responsibility and face her behavior is a question that needs to be considered.

Secondly, although the woman’s behavior was unforgivable, she was helped and taken care of by some kind people when facing difficulties.These zero -crushed kind people may be neighbors, friends or strangers who choose to help their hands out of sympathy.This kind of good movement makes people see the warmth and kindness of human nature, and let us think about how to be in daily life.

In the end, the decision of the in -laws and her mother’s family to cut off the relationship with this woman. The love husband chose to escape the responsibility, both showed that they were not tolerated by derailment.This attitude is the maintenance of marriage and family values, and it is also the insistence on the moral bottom line.


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