Zhou Gong interpret dream 2

Always have a strange dream!Not scary!But I just feel that it is not right, it makes people feel awkward!

Last month, I dreamed of a box, like the width of a car in the movie. On the one hand, there were shops, on the other hand, tables and bench next to the earth wall with tents on it. Occasionally, there were two lanterns hanging in front of the shop!

Suddenly, suddenly, my mother and I were shopping here and walked. There was a white noodle aroma that was squeezed for a while, so fragrant and fragrant.The hot air is steaming, and there are a bunch of people buying steamed buns next to them.

Suddenly, when I smelled the aroma, I suddenly felt hungry. I said that this steamed bun was so fragrant. I bought a pound, and the little two didn’t lift it. The voice came from another place: I don’t sell you.I instantly counseled that I didn’t want to debate.

Then he watched the people who bought the steamed buns with pockets to buy steamed buns.

Turning around, I saw my mother ate noodles next to the shop. I said: Mom, how do you eat noodles here, I think the buns over there are good, smell a noodle, but this can be bought in the city. You can’t buy it. You can’t buy it.Did you hear it?, I didn’t raise my head and told me. I did n’t smell it. Do n’t you eat noodles? Give you a bowl?, I said I do n’t eat it.Then I stood next to my mother and waited, and I heard Xiao Er call me and said, "Sit and wait."I didn’t care. Baba stood at the noodle shop to sell steamed buns, and then drooling around the aroma.

Suddenly, I didn’t know where there was a voice saying: Another pile of piles are about to come over, I know, people!They all buy steamed buns!

Then I heard Xiaofei next to him: This pot is only tried to eat.I took an inexplicable past and took a signature and tied the sugar cubes.After eating, I feel full of stomach and want to leave.

At this time, my mother came over in the impression. Let’s go forward to stroll forward. I ca n’t say it. Let ’s go home. Just after speaking, a crowd rushed to us. I was shouting and shouting.Looking at the people who kept running to grab the buns, there was only one idea in my mind. I thought my husband and the child, and suddenly, I woke up like this!

This dream has follow -up, guess what is it?

I checked Baidu in various ways to wake up. Sure enough, it’s not good, bad, it’s not good at all. I don’t think about it after a week.

As a result, this is good, what should be coming, what should be left, life is a practice.

Just the night before, my mother called me and said that my relatives and grandpa at home died, and when I heard it, I was stunned.This dream is really not good!

I went back to the funeral yesterday, emotion!

The reason why it is written is that some dreams are really strange, everyone should pay attention!The main people who are advised to see, everyone usually has to be filial, and live a good life.

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