Zhu Dan is waiting for a photo, and the hairline on the face is not recognized after the hairline. It is too hard to become a mother.

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Yesterday, Zhu Dan released a small video that he was waiting in the hospital.In the video, 39 -year -old Zhu Dan Su Yan appeared in the photo to share the diet during pregnancy. He also said that the nutrition of diet was very balanced so that the recipe would not eat fat.

However, from the perspective of her plain state, she was really fattened by the second child, her face and limbs were obviously blessed, the crow’s feet and decree patterns were also obvious, and the hairline also had a backward trend.

So many netizens left a message "Sister Dan, almost couldn’t recognize it."

However, Zhu Dan has been paying attention to maintenance and exercise during pregnancy. In addition to keeping working, he also pays attention to doing some exercise.

Therefore, in addition to the angle problem, "Fafu" may also have an important reason that may be "edema during pregnancy". Before she was more than 4 months pregnant, she participated in the event.The shoes you wear look obviously unpopular.

At present, she has been pregnant for 8 months, and edema will become more and more serious in the late pregnancy, so the "blessing" may be caused by edema.

There are also warm -hearted netizens lamenting, "It’s too hard to be a mother."

Pregnant women who have experienced edema during pregnancy are not unfamiliar with edema in the third trimester. The closer to the due date, the more powerful the edema is.

Guo Biting, who had just given birth to a baby a while ago, when he was hospitalized, wearing a long skirt and a pair of white slippers can also see obvious facial and leg edema.

Many pregnant women arrived in the late pregnancy. Due to the edema of the legs, the shoes would increase by 1-3 yards. The previous shoes could not be put on. They could only wear slippers or buy a larger and more fitted shoes.

Most of the edema during pregnancy is normal. Most of them start to be obvious in about 7 months of pregnancy. Both legs and feet are relatively obvious. There are many activities, overwork, and more serious every evening.

Pregnant mothers have edema, mainly caused by two reasons:

The first is to increase the pressure on both legs and feet to increase the pressure on both legs and feet, and it will also cause compression to the blood vessels of the lower limbs, increasing the difficulty of blood reflux, so after a long time, edema will occur, and it will become more and more serious.

The second is that the blood capacity of the pregnancy increases during pregnancy. Some ingredients in the blood will penetrate the outside of the cells and edema. The legs and feet are just in the low vertical part of the body, and the edema is even more serious.

Of course, some edema may be abnormal, but as long as the pregnant mothers do a good job on time, doctors can also find and help the pregnant mother correctly correct and prevent them in time.

In order to avoid the increase in edema in the third trimester, pregnant mothers must also prevent and relieve it.

For example, avoid sitting for a long time, and take a full rest;

Light diet, usually eat some diuretic foods;

Drink water appropriately to avoid excessive drinking water, especially before going to bed, try not to drink water;

You can soak your feet warm water every night and let your family help to massage your legs and feet;

Persist in exercise per day in the middle and late pregnancy (but avoid excessive exercise);

Do a good job on time on time.

In the late pregnancy, in addition to the more and more serious edema, these "physical discomfort" will also increase, making the pregnant mother harder.

Unwilling one: pubic pain

Many pregnant mothers will have pubic pain. By the third trimester, the degree of pubic pain will increase with the increase of the gestational week. When Xie Yilin is pregnant, she will spit her pubic pain that makes her feel annoyed.

The pubic pain is mainly due to the increased uterine compression of the pubic bone, which causes the pubic bone to separate the pain and the pain nerve, and feels pain.

In this case, pay attention to rest. When walking or standing, the posture should be correct. Keep your body uniform, and the movements must be slow; avoid standing for a long time, and you must also be loose to wear, avoid heavy objects, ascend to high, and make heavy weights.Sports activities, etc.

Two: Legs and feet cramps

There are often cramps with pregnant mothers. After a while, they can slow down, or they can wake up with cramps and feet in the middle of the night.

This discomfort may be caused by cooling, most of which are caused by calcium deficiency, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to calcium supplement during pregnancy.

According to the "Suggestions of Chinese Residents’ Dietary Guidelines", the recommended intake of calcium in the middle and late pregnancy is: 800mg, 1000mg, 1000mg, and the recommended intake of calcium during pregnancy is 800mg.

Therefore, there is no need to supplement calcium at the stage of pregnancy, but after entering the middle of pregnancy, you must eat more calcium -rich foods, such as milk, dairy products, soy products, dark green vegetables, sesame sauce, etc.

Disoplays: Sleep badly

The belly is getting bigger and bigger, and the quality of sleeping in pregnant mothers is getting lower and lower, not only difficult to fall asleep, but also frequently wake up.

At this stage, pregnant mothers can adjust their sleeping positions, such as using left and right sides to sleep, using pregnant women’s sleep pillow to give stomach and waist support, drink less water before going to bed, do not eat foods that may cause excitement, do appropriate amount of exercise, listen to light music, listen to light musicWait, it helps to sleep.

Although the quality of sleep is not high in the late pregnancy, pregnant mothers still have to try to ensure sufficient sleep, which is good for their health and fetal development.

Disoplays: frequently go to the toilet

The belly is getting bigger and larger, and the oppression of the bladder has also increased. The pregnant mother may have frequent urination, and may even leak urine.

In this case, be careful not to urinate, go to the toilet in time, you can also eat some diuretic foods appropriately, pay attention to personal hygiene, do properly doing pot bottom exercise, maintain good emotions and other methods to alleviate.

Disopser 5: Previous anxiety

The closer to childbirth, the more severe the anxiety of the prenatal. It is not only looking forward to the arrival of that day, but also afraid of the arrival of that day, and the anxiety emotion is not conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.

This kind of negative emotional pregnant mothers can temporarily forget the attention by diverting attention, such as reading, chasing dramas, doing things that are interested in other interests, etc.;Reduce anxiety.

Pregnancy is really hard, so prospective dad and family should care more about pregnant mothers, take care of their lives, and pay more attention to their mental health, and accompany her to go through pregnancy smoothly.

Which of the discomforts in the third trimester is more serious? Welcome to leave a message to share.

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