Zhu Zhuguan was shopping in a pregnant belly in August, and the edema was obviously confident, and 6 strokes were relieved in the second trimester of edema

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It is said that pregnancy is one of the happiest and happiest times for women, but also the hardest period of pregnancy.

No matter what stage during pregnancy, it is not easy. Early pregnancy reactions will occur in the early stages of pregnancy. You will worry about the safety of the fetus. In the middle of the pregnancy, you will start a few important birth checks. Frequently worrying about it.Fear of the arrival of this day, you have to endure all kinds of physical discomfort every day …

On July 24, Zhu Zhu took a group of photos of visiting the furniture shop. She was more than 8 months pregnant. She was wearing a loose white long dress and long hair.In addition to some edema, the whole looks confident, it is still so beautiful, and the state is very good!

However, in the essay, she wrote: The cute furniture shop and the swollen pregnant women with hands and feet are happy on the weekend.

Indeed, looking at the edema of the hands, feet, arms, and legs, especially these two photos sitting, a clear look at the stomach, full of pregnancy, and swollen hands.

The other is the front side of the face, and the legs and feet are very swollen.

She also often took her own pregnancy photos. Last week, she took a pregnancy photo wearing a blue dress. She wore a white and no heel shoes that day, and she obviously looked at her legs and feet.

Many pregnant mothers find that they are edema after pregnancy, and they will be scared and worry about abnormal.

In fact, most of the occurrence of edema during pregnancy is normal, that is, physiological edema, which generally begin to appear in the middle of pregnancy, and it will increase in the late pregnancy.

It is mainly due to the rapid growth of the fetus after pregnancy, causing continuous compression to the lower limbs of the pregnant mother, leading to blood flow disorders, and affecting blood return, and slowly occur.

And as the stomach increases and the time is prolonged, the edema will gradually increase.

Many pregnant mothers have not been put on their shoes before, and even except for the edema of the legs, other parts of the body will also have different degrees of edema, especially the elderly maternal maternal will be more serious.

When Zhu Dan was pregnant with a second child, edema also appeared in the middle of pregnancy. When recording a show, he could clearly see the edema. In the late pregnancy, the swelling was like a person."" ".

However, if the pregnant mothers who have severe edema in early pregnancy may also be a pathological situation and cannot be careless.

In addition to doing a good job on time on time, you must go to the hospital in time when you find something wrong. According to the doctor’s advice, adjust the adjustment in life and diet to avoid affecting the health of yourself and the fetus.

As mentioned earlier, it is normal for pregnant mothers to have edema. Generally, from the third trimester, the elderly maternal will be relatively serious.

But if you understand why pregnant women are edema, some normal edema can prevent and relieve the degree of edema, and reduce the degree of edema.

① Avoid sitting for a long time

Sitting for a long time is not conducive to blood circulation and will aggravate edema, especially in the air -conditioned room.

Therefore, it is best for pregnant mothers to get up every 20-30 minutes, or sit down and rest for a while. Don’t stand for too long or sit too long.

② Sitting or lying on the pads and tall legs and feet

When sitting at home or working during the day, you can put a stool under your feet. When lunch breaks or sleep at night, put a pillow or cushion under your feet, raising your legs and feet to help promote blood circulation. It can also relieve and reduce to a certain extent.Edema.

③ The diet is light, eat some diuretic, fruits and vegetables properly

Many pregnant mothers have a heavy taste, and they eat more salty, which will also aggravate edema.

After pregnancy, the diet of pregnant mothers should be as light as possible on the basis of nutritional balance. You can also eat some fruits and vegetables that are beneficial to urine, such as watermelon, winter melon, etc., to promote excretion, and to relieve edema to a certain extent.

④ In the case of physical permission, insist on moderate exercise

Exercise can help promote blood circulation. If the pregnant mother’s body allows, you can adhere to the appropriate amount of exercise every day to alleviate the edema during pregnancy.

However, exercise during pregnancy also pays attention. Choose the right exercise, the strength and time of exercise are suitable. Pay attention to rest after exercise. Pseudo -contractions during exercise should stop and rest.

⑤ Soak your feet or massage your legs and feet warm water

Soaking your feet or massage your legs and feet every night can also help promote blood circulation in the lower limbs and relieve edema.

⑥ On -time inspection

After pregnancy, you should do every examination on time. It is good for monitoring the health status of your pregnancy and regular understanding of the development of the fetus.

If the pregnant mothers who have edema should also be checked in time, monitoring in the later stage to ensure the smooth pregnancy.

Do you have serious edema during pregnancy? Is there a pregnant mother who has severe edema after pregnancy?

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