Zibo City Maternal and Child Health Hospital; menstruation comes, why can you still get pregnant?

Why can I get pregnant?

A rushing footsteps, mixed with dignified dialogue, spread to the ears, "Nurse, I have been menstruation for more than ten days, or bleeding. Today, I suddenly bleed a lot.On November 15th, at the gynecological ward at 3:00 in the morning, I immediately contacted the doctor and simply asked the patient’s medical history. When the doctor came, it could shorten the patient waiting time.

Patient’s description

According to the patient’s description, the last menstruation was October 3, 2020, November 2nd, the menstruation arrived as scheduled, but the menstrual period was small, and the menstrual cycle was longer than usual.Increased, accompanied by a sense of swelling in the lower abdomen, the pain is unbearable, so he went to the doctor.After listening to the description of the patient, I thought that it may be "abnormal pregnancy", or it may be "threatened abortion", "inevitable abortion", "incomplete abortion", "retention of abortion" …Through doctors’ examination and diagnosis, it is really pregnant, and it is "inevitable". The uterus and size are significantly smaller than the number of menopause weeks. The cervical mouth has expanded. The embryo tissue has been blocked at the cervical mouth and needs an emergency surgery.Fortunately, the patient came in time. Through the treatment of the doctor, the patient’s abdominal pain was reduced, and the bleeding decreased, which avoided the risk of continuing bleeding and infection.

Menstruation is here, why can I still get pregnant?

How do friends from non -medical majors distinguish?

First of all, let’s first understand what is menstruation?In popular terms, the menstrual cycle of normal women is under endocrine cyclical regulation. The endometrium has periodic exfoliating bleeding. The menstrual cycle is generally 21-35 days, with an average of 28 days.In the period, 3-7 days, the menstrual flow is about 30-50ml. If the menstrual period, menstrual period, and menstrual flow have any abnormalities, they are called menstrual abnormalities.

Secondly, there are two possibilities to find that menstruation abnormalities, one is simple menstrual abnormalities, and the other is abnormal after pregnancy. In any case, it needs to be treated in time to treat it in time, especially the latter. If it is after pregnancyAbnormal bleeding may be a natural abortion, or it may be an abnormal pregnancy. No matter what kind of situation, if it is not dealt with in time, the light will cause abortion, and the severe cases will cause major bleeding and even endanger life!

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